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  1. I hate to sound obnoxious here but I'm so sick of dealing with fucking sexist bastards every day.

    I'm sick of meeting guys and constantly wondering whether they're really interested in what I'm saying or if they just want to get down my pants.

    I'm tired of hearing ugly, overweight guys at my college judging girls on a scale from 1-10 on how hot they are ... I mean, honestly? Look in the mirror dude.

    I also hate seeing my nieces grow up from being outgoing, silly little girls into self-conscious pre-adolescents who think they're too fat even though they're normal-sized and not even teenagers yet.

    I know this is depressing but sometimes I get really sad about the way women are treated in this world ... we are people with the same emotions, feelings, thoughts and abilities as men, not just "pussy".
  2. Do women have the same emotions, feelings, thoughts, and abilities as men and do men have the same emotions, feelings, thoughts, and abilities as women?
    Or are they essentially different?
    Does different mean lesser?
    Does equality exist?
    How about inequality?
  3. Why this is in politics?

  4. No ... everyone has different emotions/feelings/thoughts. But I'm willing to admit that there might be some gender disparities in that area ... but how many of them are biological differences and how many are social constructions?

    I'm not trying to say that women are exactly the same as men, I'm just trying to say that we're often treated like tools or objects for men to use/own/discard. Really, is there any justification to treat any kind of human that way? In the media and too many times in real life you see this treatment of women.

    Because, the reality is, for the history of mankind men have ruled over women because of their superior physical power. And pretty much everything - our culture, our language, our government, our politics - has been designed by and FOR men. Living in a patriarchal society even shapes the way you THINK about things, your thought process ... it's engrained in so many ways ... I don't know the best way to describe it but the media and a lot of the way society works is designed to specifically benefit men.

    And the funny thing is .... most of the constraints put on women are put on them by themselves. Women act really fucking dumb sometimes. THEY are the real people to blame for most of sexism ... I don't know why women hate themselves.

  5. Is feminism a political or a philosophical issue? I don't know.
  6. Good point, an example of how society betrayed humanity?

    I agree, there is no justification, but who is the one discrediting themselves?

    Research the Mosuo. :)
    (Haven't read the whole thing myself yet)

    Also true, but both genders can be blamed for sexism.
  7. Youll find this interesting:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B8O8p0Ac1Rg]YouTube - Gender & Disney[/ame]
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    I have to chime in here as a female.

    I will agree that a lot of men judge based on tits and ass, however, I think that the Tyra Banks' and the Janice Dickensons' in this world do more harm to women than men do in this area. Women are far more judgemental and cruel.

    In terms of men rating women on numbered scales, lets face it, the female gender is guilty as well. Seems to me that women that feel this same way should stand up to the individual(s) then and there or work on their own self esteem. What should really matter is what you and those that you choose to be in your life think...Not "every other guy".

    I know a lot of guys that feel it is necessary to judge or put down women, but hey, that is their right. Everybody sizes others up when they first see/meet them, but how we choose to share our thoughts is a different story. Women must remember that men are very visual creatures, (as are women) and until they as individuals decide they are ready for more than just the tits and ass I mentioned above, this is how they are going to be...Oh yeah, same goes for women, just seems as though most females are a little more discreet in terms of who they share their "ratings" with or how loudly they do it, but I know they do it! I have done it, and been around many females that do it...Kinda like the statement you made above about the "ugly overwieght guys...that need to look in the mirror...."

    I don't want to make my post any longer than necessary, but I remember my single days, and I wasn't looking for anything more than a little fun, and I chose to have that fun with men that I PERSONALLY found attractive. Some may have been "10's" to me, and some may have been "5's" but I didn't want anything more than sex..."In their pants" because I wasnt ready for anything beyond that. I am saying this to illustrate that in my opinion men and women go through phases. (Obviously not everybody male or female goes through them...just trying to make a point.)

    Please know that I am not posting to start an arguement or say that the way anybody feels is "wrong" or that my opinion is better, it is just MY OPINION. I also want to make it clear that not all females feel that men are the one responsible for the low self esteem of women.

    PS...Should watch the episode of Janice Dickensons Modeling Agency where she "freaks out" over the Plus Size modeling division her son wants to start. WOW...SHE made those girls feel terrible.
    Thanks for reading!
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    Considering the expectations laid on girls these days I'm amazed that there aren't more school shootings by girls so sick of all the bullshit.

    You can only physically oppress people for so long. After a while it becomes easier to just let them do the work themselves.

    Did you know that if Barbie were a real women she would not have enough space in her abdominal cavity for more than half a liver and a few inches of intestine, and she would be physically unable to walk because her feet would be too small?

    Oh, and her bra cup size would be FF, predictably.
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    Thanks for that video.

    Even as a kid I, a female, did not like Disney films at all. One of my first boycotts as a child was against Disney. I went to see no Disney films.

    I recognized the sexism right off, and rejected it.

    Sexism is political, social, cultural...and unnecessary. Biological imperatives aside, it is unnecessary to behave in a sexist fashion.

    Do you females in the U.S. realize that there has yet to pass any Equal Rights amendment??? Equality of the sexes is a very volatile political issue in the U.S.
    I think we need to bring this to a forefront once again, in fact.

    We have yet to see equal rights, and will not, unless we do something about it.
  11. While there's no doubt that what we now perceive as sexism permeated early Disney films - the princesses are all extremely passive, waiting for the male lead to come and save them...

    But what about more modern Disney movies? Mulan? Pocahontas? They're about proactive women that aim to show they're just as good/useful as men, in Pocahontas' case, even wiser than the rest of the men.

    And you have to realize, it's a cartoon, so physical features are automatically going to be something of a caricature.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say that sexism doesn't exist, but... I like Disney films! Don't take their purity away from me :p!
  12. Seriously?

    First Bold: Come the fuck on. Yeah, there are douche bag guys out there. A lot of them. But there are also guys who aren't looking to get into your pants right away. A lot of those, too.

    Second Bold: This goes both ways and we both know it. Maybe women don't use a scale, but they definitely criticize guys based on looks and probably the way they dress as well. You're no better for throwing in that "Honestly? Look in the mirror dude" comment.

    Third Bold: Instead of blaming this on guys, blame it on the Hollywood scene. Maybe if the cake face barbie-dolls didn't have such an influence on pre-teens/younger we wouldn't have this problem.

    You sound insecure but that's just my two cents.

  13. Try to not become insecure as a girl growing up in a male dominated world with images pushed down your throat around every corner of strange perfection that does not exist in nature-- ex. Disney, All other public media, etc..

  14. How have women not seen equal rights?
  15. Agreed. It's so tough though because guys grow up with the same media being pushed down their throats-- provide for your family, get those muscles, keep a full head of hair. Although I WILL say that I believe there are more 'niches' for different male body types than there are for females. I think there are more females attracted to very skinny or slightly overweight males then there are males that are attracted to overweight women.

    And I'm talking about ages 20+ or outside of the highschool/college bubble 'cause the whoooooole dating and attraction game changes after that.

    ALSO, agreed dude. This discussion has nothing to do with RIGHTS. I totally believe that (at least HERE in the U.S.) women have equal rights. That level of judgement and appearance bashing may impede on a woman's FEELINGS but not on her RIGHTS. Expecting people to stop voicing their opinions (however disheartening and unrealistic they may be) encroaches upon THEIR rights.

    Body image has nothing to do with the legal system. Body image has EVERYTHING to do with the way you're raised and your own ability to process your surroundings. Yes, the media influences body perception greatly but to blame insecurities on something like that is a cop-out.

    The BOYS that expect every woman to look like a magazine spread are entitled to that. The MEN that see beyond that are the ones that deserve your time and effort.
  16. Well. . .

    Working Women

    Gender inequality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    This is a mere partial list. . .

    If you know nothing of gender inequality, worldwide, then you'd best read up, toots. That is if you can locate such reading, baby-cakes. :rolleyes: I'm not talkin like a sexist pig, am I, sweetcheeks, monkey nipples, angel tits?

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6P91_H690z4"]YouTube - Woman is the ****** of the World - John Lennon[/ame]
  17. anyone who believes women have equal rights,
    google "the glass ceiling"

  18. whats that right there?
  19. This thread is why men don't respect women, do you see men galavanting around whining about how they're not equal? No, they don't care because they just play their part. It's more about self-esteem anyway, who gives a crap what anyone else thinks if you're comfortable with yourself. Why do women have tits? to look at! that's a biological fact, thats why they're engorged all the time, rather than just when pregnant. the female body is crafted in a way to make them visually appealing and that's not subjugation, that's an asset. Females have way more power over men than vice versa, it's just that women have some sort of inferiority complex and when they find out they don't have to be so shy or self-concious they flip out and go on a power trip of feminist proportions. All those guys that rate on a scale or whatever, how hard do you think it would be to manipulate them? They obviously focus on attraction first so manipulating them to do what you want should be far easier than a more intelligent or reserved man, so in the end, who's more powerful? Most men aren't really chauvenistic, they just don't make a big deal out of the physical. BEER, BEER GOOD, BOOBS, BOOBS GOOD. They don't tie in checking out a nice rack or ass as something disrespectful but as something healthy and natural, which it is! As a female, if you don't want to deal with being subjugated in a sexual sense, lop off your boobies and burn your faces.
  20. I cant park at my uni as i dont have a permit, girls constantly get the day pass by fluttering their eyelashes. It works both ways you know.

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