Feminised vs. Hermie seeds

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  1. What is the difference between a feminised seed, and a seed that comes off of a plant that hermied? As far as I know, chemicals are sprayed on female plants that cause them to Hermie and produce female seeds, but seeds that come from a Hermie have bad genetics? Sent from my P9070 using Tapatalk
  2. You don't take the seeds from the hermied plant, you make the hermied plant pollinate another female and take the seeds from the pollinated female. As far as I know, growers don't spray any chemicals on the plant to make it hermie, they just stress the fuck out of it. Even doing this, you are not guaranteed females, but 9/10 will be female.
  3. Hermies self pollinate and spit random genes out that take a few generations to.get back unless bred
    Its a risk of using bag seed

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  4. The "chemical" you are referring to is colloidal silver
  5. good breeders make sure the plant they choose doesnt herm naturally on its own and then they force it to to make pollen
  6. learn somthin new every day.... :huh:
  7. I thought they sprayed a plant hormone to make a normal female plant produce a few bananas and collect some pollen that basically 'has two X chromosomes' sent from underneath my balls
  8. [quote name="zmasterflash" post="19402711" timestamp="1390629627"]The "chemical" you are referring to is colloidal silver[/quote]Yep that's what its called! I couldn't remember the name. Thanks for clearing it up. Sent from my P9070 using Tapatalk
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  9. Bump! So will the fact that it was hermied from the colloidal silver vs. Natural from stress make any difference in genes?

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