Femanized, but what is this? Seeds? What?

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  1. Hey guys, so I had bought some semi expensive femanized seeds from a very rep seed bank, I'm now into 2nd generation and I noticed that rarely when I break the bud for a blunt I'll find a seed, are these seeds femanized or did the lights hermi my plants?, I can't find a single pollen sack, also In the begining I got a shitty strain along with the other 10 seeds and it seemed to produce more seeds but it was femanized also and I trashed it first generation and have been cloning the good ones but still find a seed here or there does anyone know why, and in an unrelated note the temperature of my summer plants hover around 85 will this speed up flowering or slow it down or do nothing? What is down fall with heat? Thx to anyone willing to share there knowledge
  2. Femenized seeds can still be male, or most likely hermi. I forgot the percentages, but it's something like 80% female, 15% hermi, and 5% male.

    I'm pretty sure you just got a hermi somewhere and it's pollinating everything.

    Also, if you're cloning a hermi plant, the clones will be the same.
  3. Rubbish! No males. There is no y chromosome in a proper feminized seed. They are seeds that come from a female plant which was pollenated by another female hermie pollen. So, they are going to be female plants. If you get seeds from a reputable breeder, theres a very small percentage will hermie due to some stress, anyway regular seeds can hermie.

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