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femaleseeds.nl C99 ??

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by joe_fresh, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. i just noticed that femaleseeds has some c99, i was wondering if anyone has tried it? if its a good replica i would seriously think about getting some, i have been very pleased with thier iced grapefruit so far.
  2. i really don't know, but i'd give it a try anyways. the original C99 was freakin great, its my all time fav strain. I'm very excited to see it around again, i hope its the same as before.
  3. heres a link C99 (Cinderella 99) - Female Seeds - Pick 'n' Mix Cannabis Seeds

    ive ordered from this company before and theyre really good, fast and stalthy, cheap and replace lost or siezed orders like they did with me...even tho they dont charge for it like attitude, i love this company but i live in canada and they dont send to the states so that is why many ppl on here dont use them i believe

    anyways i got this email from them saying they had new seedcompanies on there and i seen they had femaleseeds, so i clicked it and there i seen the c99, it says currently unavailible atm but as soon as they get some in i will def order some then
  4. thats cool dude i'll have to bookmark that
  5. Femaleseeds.nl is in the selection process of Cinderella 99. They had been shut down for awhile, but have been back up for about a year or so now. They are rebuilding. Their old C-99 was one of the best on the market and was priced very reasonably. Some-one had mentioned it wa shalf as good as Dr. Greenthumbs, but this person really did not know what they were talking about.

    TGA, Femaleseeds.nl, and a few Canadian breeders use true Bros. Grimm stock for their selections. Dr Greenthumb has a single mother they have cloned to death for thier C-99 fem seeds.
  6. L.I.M are right, they use old true C99.
    At femaleseeds are not just C99 name, they got C99 genetics :)
  7. Thanks ODM. Yes, and IMHO Femaleseeds.nl have some of the best customer service I have seen. Francine emails me regularly about new releases, new strains, when to expect releases. I know breeders personally that do not give me such info even when I ask them. Hey ODM, did you get your hands on any of the limited edition outdoor Grapefruit? Francine said it was very limited and I was hoping some-one here took got their hands on some for a grow report.
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    Nop, I got Grapefruit (from personal collection/archive) :),
    I got it when Grapefruit was out of stock but I was banned from GC and didnt have your email to ask you and ask him for 2 packs of that Grapefruit .... if Im right it's from 2006, but dont quote me ... I think I saw that pressed on to pack

    We talked about it but I reject outdoor grapefruit cause Im allergic on any king of autoflow gens.

    Extreme Indica looks great (for now) by body formation.
  9. Yeah me too. Did not realize it was auto gens. b/c I only talked about it with Francine over emails. I know 2 or 3 packs of C-99 hav emy name on them b/c if it is anything at all like their last batch I want some. I seen 2 people grow it out and I had the pleasure of smoking it, it was the closest I seen from another breeder to the true Bros. Grimm C-99. I had a true C-99 grow at the time and compare dthem and it mtche dup in every catagory; taste, smell, and high.
  10. yeah i emailed francine and she told me they would onlyt be out by sept-nov
  11. Yes, they are working on selection now. I grew out clones from a couple associats which grew their previous C-99 a few yrs ago and it was the closest thing to the real Bros. Grimm C-99 I had seen up to that point, and since. I had been growing C-99 at the time and had 3 mothers of 3 different phenotypes, and the clones grew like sisters. I have grown clones form other breeders claiming C-99, but they were not the same. Joey Weed' is the F2's but they have a very high variation ratio. Dr. Greenthumb's is the Pineapple/Tropical phenotype, but he has cloned that poor mother to death and it is apparent in the offspring b/c there are signs of genetic drift.
  12. what a load of poppycock! greenthumb's C99 is exactly the same as the old bros grim stock. i grew the original for years and i have tried some of the others and they are the ones who are bred to death and way off the original not the other way around. greenthumb's c99 is the real deal

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    If it is the real deal, then why are there no regular seeds available? It is a reversed cut off a mother plant possessing the pineapple phenotype. There is no breeding invovled in producing female seeds.
    If it was the "real deal" as you say, then why does it state:

    It is obvious he is using cuts to reverse and produce female seeds, which means he is not breeding them, and he is not making them better, only reversing cuts off a mother plant to produce female seeds; that my friend/foe is not breeding, nor has it any bearing on improving the quality, and/or yields of a strain, it is merely a reversed cut. I suggest you educate yourself on how seeds are bred, and how female seeds are not bred, only reproduced from reversing cuts. I will gladly educate you if you like.

    My next question, why are you trolling me? Who is it you work for, or are doing their bidding? I for one come direct, I do not need to cover myself with trolling and/or being vindictive. I wouild suggest maybe you should ask me direct and place your efforts into proving your points, rather than put energy into rude and uninformed posts.
  14. does C99 give better quality and better yield then the grapefruit?

    im thinking about growing grapefruit just because less has talked up this seed bank up so much and those pictures of c99 look badass. i got some jack herer the other day....the nuggets were small ....super compact....and smelled like chocolate....high made me nervous....is the original c99 like that or what? whats c99 a cross of?

  15. Cinderella 99 was from seeds found in a bag of Jack Herer; the 3 females were all named, one being Princess. So one of the parents is unknown. A male form these seeds was crossed into a Shiva Skunk, then the resulting seeds were back crossed into the Princess mother. The Princess went through a series of BX's; P-75, P-88, etc. The final BX male was crossed with the Princess 88; Princess 88 X Princess 92(later named Cinderella 99). Basically Cinderella 99 is a unique phenotytpe of Jack Herer.

    Grapefruit is Cinderella 99 X an unknown fruity Sativa, it is 75% C-99 and 25% the unknown Sativa. Both NGS, and Femaleseeds.nl have excellent verisons of Grapefruit. Dr Greenthumb has the Pineapple pheno cut which is also available in female form. Basically, C-99 produces 3 specific phenotypes; a tropical(pineapple), a citrus(used in the Grapefruit), and a rotten fruit pheno which I feel is the most potent, but literally smells of rotting fruit.

    Here what I feel to be the best C-99's which have the varying phenotypes:

    Joey Weeds

    Specific phenotypes:

    Dr. Greenthumb

    Seedbay often has variations of F2's and BX's available from unknow, or lower key breeders. One I would stay away from is Mosca, I have heard nothing but bad things about his verisons of C-99.
  16. Are there any updates on the release yet?

    im so f*ckin anxious :smoking:

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