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  1. How can I make sure the seeds will grow to be females?
  2. buy feminized seeds
  3. Even feminized seeds arent garenteed to be female....though you do have a much much better shot at it being female. If you are just wondering if the seeds you have will be male or female, there isnt really any way to tell until you grow it and it gets in the the flowering stages and shows it sex.
  4. well ok fem'd seeds arent 100% percent...but I dont hear too many people saying I got males with fem'd seeds.
  5. so it depends on luck?

    how long does it take before you can discern the gender?
  6. Read my link on sexing.
  7. ^Zactly. Maybe only 99% from breeder femmed seeds turn out female...
  8. You cant unless you know how to sex seeds. I know a lady who worked for a flower seed company she knew but wouldnt tell anyone how to do it?
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    You cannot tell the sex of the plant from the seed. If only it were possible.
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