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  1. Ok, so I understand the entire process of sexing, and how to do so, and when they show sex etc. I did read that it's a good idea to plant 3 seeds in one 5 gallon BB to make sure you get a female. However my question is when you have 3 plants in a DWC system, do the roots not get tangled? By the time they would show the sexes, wouldn't the plants be pretty dang big?

    Say you get a female and 2 males. Great, now you have 3 plants all connected at the roots. Do you just pull the other two up and hop to god you get all the roots out of the water so they don't rot?

    Am I missing something here or...? My question is what is the best way to make sure what you're growing is indeed a female. Should you do the pre sex dealio and cover a branch for a 2 weeks? Just grow the 3 and wait till they show sex and then pull em out and detangle the roots?

    How do people normally get around all that? Start one in soil and hope it's a female and then take clippings? I understand that in a soil grow, getting a female is much easier and less work. but i'm just afraid in DWC it's too complicated for my pea sized brain.

    One other question regarding PH. If I buy some test strips, is that good enough or should I buy the over priced meter? I'm not looking to grow the best marijuana anyone has ever seen, just some good bud that'll keep my happy for a while. I only really want one plant that has been through the scrog.

    Thanks for any help! I'm totally lost on the getting the femal in the bubble bucket.
  2. I think the answer is you don't put 3 seeds in a 5 gal bubble bucket!

    why don't you just put 3 seeds in 3 cups, and then once you find out which are females, you can put them in your bubblebuckets.
  3. yeah even wen it's a new sprout do not put is in a hydro bucket, if u throw seeds in ther they wont even germinate, wait till you can determine the sex of the plant so you dont waste ur time growing a hydro male, then you can put some of the roots through the bottom and surround the plant with the hydro pebbles, hope this helped
  4. Explain... that sounds entirely perfect.
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    How do you keep them alive in a cup? I thought that was only for clones? Or are you saying just use soil and then softly replant them into the bucket? Are you saying to start them on 12/12 to sow sex right from the start then turn them back to veg?

    Sorry, first time doing any type of growing that doesn't involve soil. Not quite used the style yet.
  6. Nevermind, I got it now, thanks for the help!

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