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  1. It doesn't appear to have shown sex yet.
  2. nothing yet. if u see 2 lil white hairs come out u got a gurl .otherwise no gurl
  3. Hey man that is a female. You don't have to wait until the white hair shows up if it's got a pistil shaped calx then it's a girl. For some inside secrets on way's to tell if it's a he or a she Pm me. I can give you detailed info on when to tell at two to three weeks. PEACE OUT1:D
  4. Nope.
    Can't tell yet. Blazin, you sound like a scamster "inside secrets to tell male from female in only three weeks!" Why not share this with the entire board? PM defeats the whole purpose of the board. It is impossible to tell if pot is male or female within the first 2-3 weeks of growing from seed; clones yes (but then you should already know because you cloned off of a female right?). You can not accurately make judgment on sex by height, bushiness node length or anything like that man. Sorry, sounds like a crock.
  5. let us in on the "secret"

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