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  1. Hey just wanted some other peoples feedback on if this is a female or not :D

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  2. ive never grown before, but those do look like pistils comin out of that node

    good luck hope it turns out femalw!
  3. thanks! yea i kinda figured they were pistils but i just wanted some other people's input to what they thought :) +rep for the reply
  4. I dunno man. GO look on-line. There are tons of photos of females. The pistils you want to see are long and white, and appear amid a leafy bunch in a V-shape.

    I think what you have there is just leaf growth, neither male nor female per se. Could be either.
  5. Not so sure there at all. Basically it's too early. I've added some graphics to your photo, see below. The red arrows are not the female hairs, you can see this on males or females. I'm a little worried about what's lurking in the background, in the red circles. On the left is clearly something round, on the right too blurry to tell but looks like could be a cluster of balls (I think your original photo of this area is a little clearer than my download save and re-load).

    Can you get a clearer picture of any of these round-looking things? Either way, wait it out.

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  6. Yep i see the ball as well......

    keep your fingers crossed, but a ball in that location with the branch already formed is not a good sign.
  7. Cody, even if you look here more closely and do see a ball, don't cry just yet. The real telltale sgn is clusters of balls. If you see 3-4 together down in that pocket then it's definitely a sausage-fest.

    Wait it out, even if this is male it's too early to be pollinating.
  8. im not worried about pillinating others... its the only plant i have growing cuz i threw the others out cuz of other reasons :( but yea thnx for the input.. its only had one night of sexing but those long green hairs or pistils if they are them just appeared over the 12 hours of darkness so im hopin it is a female... and if it is a hermi imma still be cool with it... its a big ass plant and basically this one was just for experiance and to see how to actually grow weed so if i get bud its great but if not its cool ill have more in there after i chop anyways haha :) and thnx guys +rep for the replys
  9. if it does end up being male, chop it up and and try to make some cannabutter. even if the results aren't so great you might as well, because even if it only gets you a buzz, it's better than throwing it away. :]

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