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  1. So, I've listened to alot of music; explored just about every genre... I'm sure there's loads of stuff I've yet to discover, but one genre I know I haven't listened to enough of are female vocalists. It's not that I have anything against women making music or the female voice, it's just I haven't found a whole lot I like.

    So, post up your favorite female vocalists/bands.

    One group I just discovered recently is The Sounds, they have a female singer who is really good, maybe not the greatest tone-wise but I dig her melodies... plus she's well hot. Check out the song "Mine for Life," it's what got me interested.

    But besides them and Heart, I got nothing.
  2. Ok, I'm way too high to be coherent about anything so I'm just going to list groups you need to hear: Morcheeba, Hooverphonic, Nitin Sahney, Daughter Darling, Natalie Walker. I have more but can't find my ipod :p
  3. Bonnie Bramlett was one half of Delaney and Bonnie, their album On Tour With Eric Clapton features (you guessed it) Clapton on guitar and is one of the best CDs I've ever bought
  4. I agree with hashaman on Hooverphonic. I just love them. I'd also recommend Poe, Portishead, Tori Amos, or the Razor Skyline.
  5. OMG I can't belive I forgot Portishead!
  6. Ani Difranco....yea...ani D
  7. Gillian Welch, Bjork, Feist
  8. No female vocalist can beat Janis joplin in my opinion
    Grace Slick is another of my favs
  9. Feist and Sia Furler (or Zero7). :wave:
  10. I almost forgot Lacuna Coil, Goldfrapp, Garbage or Guano Apes.
  11. Grace Slick and Janis Joplin are amazing. Joan Osbourne was great when I saw her with Phil and Friends.
  12. I just watched the Ella Fitzgerald Story, and I'm pretty sure she was the best, Nina Simone a close second.

    Patti Smith was great, as a punker. Carole King's songs are outstanding, even after 30 or more years. Minnie Ripperton had an amazing range. Chaka Khan, as well.

  13. You just listed 2 out of the 3 I was gonna name, them and Billie Holiday. +rep for excellent taste.
  14. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention Imogen Heap. She also sang for Frou Frou, and she's pretty talented, not to mention that her music is pretty trippy. :D
  15. best female rapper.. Tali Demon
  16. Jefferson Airplane and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Karen O on vocals for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is definitely wonderful. Check that stuff out. There's a song by Fort Minor called Where'd You Go, and it has a female vocalist named Holly Brook who sings the chorous.
  17. You say you like death metal check out Oprah 9....she has sick vocals
  18. Ani difranco!! Tegan and Sara.... Sarah Mclachlan... mm there soo good.
  19. check out the band Save Ferris. Kinda a ska band, not all that into that genre myself, but she can really sing.

    ...And if you're willing to listen to something bluegrass almost country, Alison Krauss has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard, and I DONT like country.
  20. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyjNCFje8bc]YouTube - Flunk - Blue Monday[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfBY96qxVRQ&feature=related]YouTube - Florence and the Machine - Cosmic Love[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rd4-sIRXRH4]YouTube - 500 Days Of Summer (2009) Soundtrack 09- Quelqu'un M'a Dit[/ame]

    and anything by regina spektor.....

    man, I feel super gay right now.

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