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FEMALE stoners!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Cyberkast420, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. #1 Cyberkast420, Jan 3, 2013
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    I LOVE THEM! Name the reasons you love female stoners.
    What do you think? Light female smokers or heavy ones?
    Any experiences worth of telling?
    Most will prefer trees rather than wax, why?

  2. present.... I'm a female and love weed. I have a low tolerance, wax is hard for me to handle. It can get me too high. I prefer to vape with a log vape. :)
  3. I like how they dont judge me for smoking
    And a night with a few grams and just the two of you is always exciting

    Damn... My ex could smoke me under the table

  4. For some reason I thought you were a guy :confused:

    But I love to vaporize as well, but I'm a dude :p

    Anywho, I like when girls smoke weed. :D
  5. #5 Sir Stoner, Jan 3, 2013
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  6. Once I told this girl that I would smoke her up if she
    Gave me head, she said ok thinking I was joking,
    Long story short I was pissed when she didn't make with the head.
  7. You have to ask? For me
    Its one of those things they automatically
  8. Im a female n im a stoner.. Reason y I pick tree over wax is cuz the wax seems too complicated..i dont even kno how to smoke it.. Im so old fashion when it comes to certain things like weed n relationships..
  9. When i think of stoner girls i immediately think of down to earth/genuine girls
    i could think of nothing better than rolling and smoking a j with a chick

    not enough stoner chicks in the uk it sucks
  10. Female stoners are amazing, you both hit the bong then fall asleep together :p and fun stuff (;

  11. I get that, sometimes. :p

    Been vapping for 3 years love it. I smoke every once in a great while though.
  12. i've never met a female smoker who was tolerable high or sober. Must be somethin in the water up here.
  13. whats not to love about a female smoker haha
  14. come to think of it, my favorite types of girls are stoner chicks and raver girls haha both sexy
  15. I've only met two legit stoner girls in my life.

    One was extremely free-spirited and was really chill to smoke with. Hooked up with her and we went our separate ways after that.

    The other was my smoking- hot dealer in college that texted me at odd hours of the night and always asked me if I knew anyone with unmentionables. I was gonna smoke with her but it never happened, then she graduated.:( Female dealers are the best: she always texted me back ASAP and was available down the hall 24/7.
  16. I like female stoners if they buy their own shit and don't mooch. But unfortunately a lot of casual female smokers think they can just mooch in on every session at a party. Sad part is dudes let them hopeing they'll get laid.
  17. Yes female dealers are the best!..always on time.. Always answers the phone.. Always hookin it up!!
  18. Even stoner chick I had badtripped, panicked or passed out stoned from a hit off my bong...
  19. My girlfriend and my girl best friend are both stoners... They're both fun to hang out with, naturally, but they're both very different. My gf is very touchy (which is fantastic) while my best friend gets couch locked after like 2 hits and barely even talks haha. Guess it's better that way and not the other way around hahahah
  20. Yay. Finally some love for the females! I am definitely not a stoner but I love weed and I think about it like I'm dating it. Can't wait to get home from work, wait until my son goes to bed, and then get high as a kite.

    It's such a beautiful thing. I think I love weed.

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