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Female stoner problems

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by YoooJess, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. As a female who smokes regularly i encounter problems that I'm sure men don't wondering if any females out there have experienced the same

    1. Dealer thinks you want to date him or have sex.
    2. The typical ” u don't look like you smoke”
    3. Dealer giving you free bud occasionally or a good deal
    4. other friends acting extremely surprised and changing your name in their phone to pot head after they find out you smoke
  2. yeah i hate when dealers try to give me a hooked up bag or some free bud.
  3. 1 sounds like males in general.

    2 is...well, who LOOKS like they smoke weed, it's branched out a bit more than to look like some hippy red eyed fucker these days. Dumb on their part and it shouldn't really concern you.

    3 Is not really a problem, is it? Might make them think they've got something coming but unless you actually go ahead and give it to them, well again - not seeing a problem.

    4 is...shitty friends...could happen to males too.
  4. 1 is something you can use to your advantage
    2 everybody smokes you'd be surprised
    3 good for you
    4 is dumb
  5. I get a feeling this is just offhanded bragging. :smoke:

    1. Leads to number 3, stop complaining
    2. You probably don't look like you smoke, which is good usually. Stop complaining
    3. ...Stop Complaining
    4. don't hang out with 16 year olds?
  6. Lol if he gives you bud, you owe him 1

    JKS JKS :)))
  7. loolol you sound like you're 15.
  8. have you made it clear youre only down to fuck when youre out of money and cant afford to buy the sack?

  9. its kinda weird, im a guy but id like to have a girl stoner friend because all the girls i know are annoying lightweights :/

  10. When somebody gives you a good deal, it doesn't mean they want to have sex with you. 1,2, and 4 are all in your head, or not important. Either way, grow up.
  11. I dont even know what to think of this... #3 is just flat out dumb, were u drunk wen writing this or what?

    Wtf man, dont hook me up!! I want exactly wat i paid for, dont give me extra!!

    Seriously... :confused_2:

  12. 1. SWIM has never thought on dating any bitch that buys from SWIM.
    2. They don't look like they smoke but their personality tells me they do.
    3. I never give them free bud, instead, I rip em off. Bitches don't know weed.
    4. Who would write pothead next to a name on their phone? Just gave it to a cop so easy. Dumb.
  13. [quote name='"turdhole"']have you made it clear youre only down to fuck when youre out of money and cant afford to buy the sack?[/quote]

    She cant do that. No dealer want to bang a minor and the risk going down for that as well.
  14. Oh no you poor thing you get free weed that's awful
  15. Oh wow those sure are some problems.
  16. I always hated changing a tampon when I'm high. I always fuck it up somehow.
  17. My dealer gives me fat sacks from time to tine, were both dudes, nothing gay. Why is it any different when you get hooked up fat?

    I dont look like a stoner, yet I smoke every day.

    I don't remember the other two
    Quit complaining lol
  18. The only problem I see is the first one. Tell them straight up you are a customer, not a fuck buddy. If they have a problem with it move on.
  19. Find a girl dealer and hope she's not lesbo?

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