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  1. ahh I know seed boutique is good. that's who I always order from. I was just wondering if anyone has tried seeds from this breeder... wondering how nice they are
  2. hey man. i got the x iine c99 and all 5 popped. but i managed to kill 2 of them (newb)
  3. I ordered those exact beans last week to try it out, nothing to report yet.
  4. word. let me know how they go guys.
  5. same here I ordered the Grapefruit, C99, and the WWxBB but nuwbie mistakes kept killing them the grapefruit died by poor germination the WWxBB was killed by indescant lamp poisoning and C99 was the only one that lasted a week but was butchered by the power of the 400 watt with no fan but these are good seeds 100% germination rate just dont make any of my newbie mistakes:smoking:
  6. I'm growing out a WW x BB right now. My plant is 4 weeks old. I also have a Female Seeds White Widow and a Skunk Special at 3 weeks. I'm probably gonna veg another week or two and then go 12s at 5-6 weeks.
    I've got to tell you, the WW x BB hybrid is really outperforming the WW and SS right now. It is very vigorous. I have it LSTd so I can grab some clones from it. A review of the Female Seeds mentioned the hybrid crosses look to be very hardy.
    I need to order some of the C99 and Grapefruit seeds. Those look to be real winners.
    Grow big.
    Rev :cool:

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  7. watch out theres been talk that the white widow is known to hermie even with the BB influence so keep an eye on that buddy
  8. My shipment came in this past week and the WWxBB was out of stock so the seedbank substituted X-Line Northern Light x Ice. I have heard reports of hermie problems with the WWxBB as well. Interestingly, the NLxIce was not in the X-Line catalog last I checked. I wonder if FemaleSeeds is pulling back the WWxBB because of hermie problems and is putting the NLxIce out as a replacement line, at least temporarily.

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