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  1. i bought some 'female' seeds.

    how the heck can they tell?
  2. so no one knows?
    comon someone from directseeds or another...or is it not possiable?
  3. If you look closely under a microscope you will see a tiny little vagina.

    Other than that, they must have treated the mother plant with a certain hormone and chemical treatment to alter the seed characteristics. They should all be female, but sometimes if you don't treat them right, they will go hermie on you and one branch will be male, the other female.
  4. that is interesting...but u would have to treat the male plant...that is where the 'sex' is determed...right?

    and if u could do this...i wonder if there is a way to chemically treat ur plant to not be fertle but still produce the sex organs?

    i know there are people that treat their plants with 'colchizine'(sp?) to make them polyploid so i guess they got chem's to do about anything

  5. I beleive you treat the female to ensure that all the seeds have female traits. I would want my plants to be fetile and not have sex organs. That way the plant still produces THC but can't get pregnant from any males.
  6. part of the female plant is treated with gibberellic acid, which causes it to develop male flowers in the treated area. When this pollen is used on female flowers, it causes the seeds to be 100% female as they have no male chromosomes.

    Going hermie is, I'm told, unlikely as the plant is incapable of being male, possessing none of the genes to do so....

    The acid is used widely for plant breeding, so you could do it yourself I guess.


  7. ah yes...that makes sense.

    i wonder why the gibberellic acid produces male organs tho...usually its used to produce growth and to reduce flowering.

    also...using this rational...would female plants that go hermi also have all x and no y in the pollen?

    as well as a male that goes female have all y and no x?
  8. uhhhh...yeah....

    which ...
  9. jrrtokin is pretty close to what ive heard about femenized seeds. the seeds aren't always completely female but they say its femenised which pretty much meaning that they used hermie pollen to impregnate the babes. but ive also heard techniques of soil use that would induce female flowering from old wampanoag indians that live near me, but hey theyve shown me some funky tricks soo far why not try what theyve said
  10. if you treat a female plant with giberilic acid it will produce balls, only female genetics are contained in its pollen. once it pollenates itself or other female plants the seed contains only female genetics.
  11. why would it matter if you bought male/female seeds??
    just so you could germinate them?

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