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Female Seeds: Neville's Haze x Grapefruit: Attic Grow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by HerbsINtheBurbs, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. Well, I'm going to be getting a 400 watt HPS for this grow, but wattage is low for now. I'm excited I got the seeds 3 days ago, put em to germ immediately, 24 hours later, all have popped, 48 hours later, transplant into soil, 72 hours later, all have come out of soil, and are now being moved from hot humid saran wrap covered cups in the dark into uncovered cups under light, being kept moist, but not too moist.

    I have a potting soil of 20-13-13, and no nutes yet. I will be using Schultz's 10-15-10 plant food plus micronutrients. For flower I will use "Awesome Blossoms" 2-11-11

    I have a fan running 24/7, and mylar is being shipped to my house ASAP
    I have two plants from bagseed running right now with LST, and since this strain is sativa leaning, LST will be a must.
    Here are the pics so far, expect a full log.





    24 hour time lapse

    As an aside, here is the bagseed, and growspace



    (growspace pic is from a while ago, a reflective sheet has been added)

    Do you guys think I should make a separate log for the bagseed? I've got pics from start to now.
  2. Awesome man, I'll be pullin up a chair for this one ;)

    I don't think you need to, but if you want to. . . . .i'll be pullin up a chair there too :)
  3. damn, those bagseed are looking very good.

    can't wait to see the neville's haze x grapefruit when it really starts growing.

    i'm going to be watching this one.

    gl with the grow, keep up updated.
  4. i havent actually had the pleasure to follow a journal on this site yet , plant are looking awful nice , will be following your progress through-out , keep us posted & good luck with your grow , hope everything goes well
  5. Update:



    the seedlings are looking fine, expected progress, stretched a little initially, but problem solved

    bagseed is looking great

    here's the smaller of the two


    and kinda a crappy pic of the larger

  6. sounds like a great cross
  7. i gotta say man im kinda worried about that yellowish orange on that little leave. but yeah im gunna pull up a chair and watch if you dont mind.
  8. heh, nah I'm pretty sure thats just the seed coat
  9. my pure grapefruit seedlings look exactly the same as yours, im awaiting an 125w blue envirolite to veg with. I put the seedlings on the window cill (its 85 f over here now) with a fan on to strengthen the stems. Anything else i can do to stop them stretching?
  10. lol, ALRIGHT, herbs finally started a grow journal! :D

    I'm gonna subscribe to this one. Are those bagseed plants under fluoros?
  11. I'm not too experienced in outdoors to be honest, I did find that these tretched alot until they were about three inches, then I added a little extra soil to them and they got thicker.

    Yes, they were for a while, now they are all under HPS.
  12. whoa, i totally didn't see that the time lapse between putting them in the soil and them popping was 24 hours . . . for me it's at least 36 hours . . . that's nuts, I need to get myself something other than this mex bagseed.

    Herbs . . . how the hell did you get seeds from that website, they don't send to the USA . . . I thought you were in Long Island?
  13. Doctor chronic my friend, god it really is time for new pics
  14. Pics!




    bagseed LST

  15. lookin good :) keep up the good work... you gonna be lst and fimming? +rep
  16. great looking plants herbs.

    can't wait til they start budding, and i'm sure you can't either.
  17. Herbs, those all look like hybrids with a sativa leaning. I can't believe how much bagseed differs as you look across the country (USA).

    The plants I have are more or less 100 percent sativas since I'm 99 percent postive they come from mexico. The seeds I got were from compressed, outdoor dried, super seeded regs. I live in so cali, so I am more or less convinced they came from across the border down in Mexico.

    But your bagseed looks less sativa-ish. Though I'm assuming from the bud I see you buy that that is no regs bagseed lol.

    Looks really good though. Nice short internodes. You going to FIM/LST any of them or are you gonna just grow straight up?
  18. They will all get LST, out of space necessity. The bagseed is from some dank that someone fucked up, but I see plenty of that sativa mexibud seeds.
  19. lookin good
  20. just out of curiosity, do you feel that mexican bagseed isn't worth growing out?

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