Female Pre-flowers ????

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  1. So im on my fisrt grow (bagseed) on week 6 of veg 18/6. I'm using 2 45w 6500k daylight & 1 14w cfl. I'm going to veg for another 2 weeks befor switching to 12/12. I'm getting a 300w cfl and use these daylight bulbs for side lighting. its a indica hybrid and stating to show 2 small white hairs at the branches, are these female pre-flowers? sorry photos arnt verry good done on a phone

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  2. you got a true blue female there my friend. congrats :hello:
  3. yey thanks :) but what is a blue female lol
  4. just a saying lol its a female. how tall is she?
  5. erm about 50cm she grows about 2" a day
  6. Nice that ectra 2 weeks will help with how much you get in yhe end
  7. Definitely female. :smoke:

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