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female plant polinized by a hermi

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by ISTANDALONE, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. ok, so i know that if you have a hermi and it's female portion is pollinated by another male plant most of the resulting seeds will be feminized. so what if you have female plants (not hermie's) pollinated by the male portion of a hermie? will that result in fem seeds also? or how about will the resulting seeds be "maleized" (for lack of better term)?
  2. anyone had this happen?
  3. You have it backwards. To get female seeds the male flowers of an otherwise female hermie must pollinate a separate fully female plant. The resulting seeds on the fully female, pollinated plant will be feminized.
  4. oops! thanks for setting me straight though. so i've got seven skunk #1 seedlings started that were the product of the male part of a hermie pollinating another separate female plant. so these should just be normal seeds, right?
  5. Seeds from a self pollenated hermie will normally have a high percentage of hermie offspring, so they will probably not be any good

  6. No, They will be feminized seeds. Read this right out of Mel Franks book:

    •\tProducing Female seeds by Mel Frank p. 296,297

    To develop seed that will yield exclusively female plants requires some luck and careful observation, but it is simple. Remember that some female plants occasionally bear an isolated male flower. Marijuana plants are normally either female (xx chromosomes) or male (xy chromosome). MJ plants, although predisposed genetically to be male or female, have a degree of latitude that very often is affected by the environment. A plant that should be exclusively female may bear an occasional male flower and vice versa. THE POLLEN FROM THIS ISOLATED MALE FLOWER ON A FEMALE PLANT HAS ONLY THE X CHROMOSOMES, the genes for female plants. By carefully collecting the pollen from this male flower and pollinating female flowers (which also carry only x chromosomes), ALL THE RESULTING SEED WILL YIELD PROSPECTIVELY FEMALE PLANTS (XX CHROMOSOMES).

    The only difficulty to producing female seed is in finding an actual source of female pollen. Many South East Asian plants characteristically bear some male flowers among mostly female flowering buds. These seeds give rise to seeds that will reflect their parents; that is, female buds mixed with male flowers. Don’t breed these natural hermaphrodites. What you want to find is that rare female plant that perhaps develops one or two male flowers. This plant is genetically female. Carefully collect her pollen, and fertilize an exclusively female plant; ALL THE RESULTING SEEDS DEVELOP INTO PURE FEMALES. The only other certain candidate for female pollen is a female that has flowered well with pure female flowers, but late in life the plant reverses to male flowering. This is not that unusual when the plants are left to grow for an extended time, or if there is an erratic photoperiod.

    Usually you have to wait for an unusual happenstance to find a solitary male flower on a female plant, but, there are presently known SIX DIFFERENT CHEMICAL TREATMENTS THAT INDUCE FERTILE MALE FLOWERS TO GROW ON FEMALE PLANTS. Gibberellic Acid (GA) is the chemical most commonly available
  7. ^^^WOOT! WOOT! WOOT! WOOT! so chances are all ladies?!! SWEET. the dude i got these seeds from has a SHITLOAD of these same seeds (skunk #1 hermie pollinated most of his other skunk #1 females). that makes my day!
  8. The question is, is that hermie plant a mostly female plant with just a few male pollen sacks or is it a primarily male plant with just a few female flowers. If it is the former, it seems as if they could all be feminized.
  9. mostly female.
  10. Sounds like they are feminized.
    Time will tell.
  11. Creating feminized seeds is a GREAT THING!!!!

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