Female plant may be popping pollen sacs.... is this the case and am I ruined?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Newbzb_22, May 28, 2019.

  1. It would look like a dust. Just alot around where the sac opens.
  2. At 7 weeks of flowering if it Herms wouldn’t you be able to finish it before major issues?
  3. Would just harvest at this point if they did.
  4. The sacks swell, then bust. It takes a little while. From the photos it looks like you got them early. Just be careful depending on why it hermied, there may be a lot more pollen sacs forming.
  5. Not that I know of b/c a female plant is basically a male plant plus ethylene, which is a gas at room temp. Some ppl have tried pumping plants with ethylene gas but sounds complicated and I don't know much about it.
  6. Depends how long you are growing on 10+ week flower it can be an issue.
  7. I’ve snagged some previously but there haven’t been crazy amounts.... if I keep snagging em early do you think I could still save my grow? Most of it is going to be used for edibles, salves etc., but I wanted to smoke some so badly! I feel like I’m totally screwed. Please tell me otherwise?
  8. For sure. On a small scale personal grow you can manage a herm. Herms only really ruin everything when they are missed and bust a sack in the middle of a big room. As long as you pull all the pollen sacks your other flowers will be fine. The herm plant with have low yeild b/c everyplace you pluck a pollen sack is a place a female flower isnt formed but other than that you can manage it just fine.
  9. Thank you for the hope! Lol! I’ve put so much love into these because it’s my first grow but made the mistake of starting with bag seeds instead of good fem seeds. The plant that is herming the buds do look good but they probably aren’t as full as they should be for how far along I am and now I know why. I’m just gonna keep trying to pull as many pollen sacs as I see and hope for the best. Probably a good spray with water would help as well.
  10. Yep. Best money you can spend is on good genetics to start but hey its all bud. I am just finishing up my first grow in 10 years. I ordered my seeds from ILGM and while I will admit the seeds were overpriced, the genetics were top notch. Even expensive seeds are only $10 a seed. Compared to your time, its not a lot to spend. I will definitely be ordering more of their seeds to breed myself in the years to come.
  11. Yeah after starting and really enjoying and getting into the process I found some really good fem seeds that will be next on the menu.... this time has just been a guessing game on strain and optimal grow conditions..... but I have definitely learned a TON... may be popping a good seed or two very soon lol.
  12. You don't wait to harvest the entire plant. You harvest it but leave just a couple smaller buds on it and just keep taking care of it till it dies in flower your pollen sacks should sprout and do their thing before the plant just gives up.

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