Female plant may be popping pollen sacs.... is this the case and am I ruined?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Newbzb_22, May 28, 2019.

  1. 319B4032-F519-424F-85E2-E6AA549E22A5.jpeg E91E26FE-EC2B-4B09-A3CA-5FB1D804362A.jpeg CDF3B7E5-46B1-4A60-B70E-BCCF7EB1E8CB.jpeg 65CD49BA-9EDD-4384-94A2-673C94AD4001.jpeg growing 2 plants of unknown strain and about a month into flowering currently and these start showing up.... I wish they were just premature flowers but they could be pollen sacs harming out.... I’m only about a month out or so, looking for advice.
  2. Looks like it may be male parts, plant went hermi maybe, could you by chance get other picts of other spots in question.
  3. Unfortunately it’s hard to get pics of them cause they are so small... I was hoping they were just the beginning of buds or something.... none of them are hanging down like I see some of the male pollen sacs do. Most of them are lower on the plant and it looks like it could possibly be buds that just haven’t gotten further yet.
  4. I'm pretty sure those are immature male flowers looking at the one's in hand. Would keep a close eye on that and if you notice they are then move it out asap.
  5. I only have two plants in the tent so if they are male polllen sacs then they are both screwed.... may just try and play damage control and finish them up while I pop a stable seed.
  6. Any advice to try and keep this from getting way worse?
  7. Once they show signs of that there isn't much if anything that I know of to really do, let them finish and use for extracts? Hash or something of the sort. Plants that hermi normally are a genetic issue and well if it seeds chances are those seeds will do the same thing. Not saying there a loss, can finish them bud wont be much less potent but weights will be affected if pollinated. Have you noticed any signs of pollen on plants?
  8. Looks like a hermie. Hermies can come from a lot of sources; badly feminized genetics, abnormal light cycles or other extreme stresses or just plain bad luck. If get a rare bad luck hermine in an otherwise stable genetic line it can be a great way to make you own feminized seeds. Feminized seeds are just hermie pollinated seeds breed to high female stability.
  9. Hermi plants produce high probability of hermi plants, there is a spray to use to get true feminized seed. Silver something or other. Forget the name.
  10. Colloidal silver, that's the stuff.
  11. The spray you are talking about isnt pollen its used to make a female plant produce male flowers (aka turn limited hermine) its just a hormone stimulant (actually a hormone inhibitor, my bad). But it is much easier to let nature do it for you. Plants follow the characteristics of the parents, can't know what you'll get until you cross them, grow them and stabilize them.

    I use no sprays to pollinate just this:

    "colas of many varieties reached late ripeness (which, by the way, I prefer as the harvest-time) a few viable male flowers appear. This is also a sign that the buds are ripe. Harvest the pollen using a fresh watercolor brush and brush it directly on the flowers or store it in a small glass or metal container. Not all varieties produce male flowers at the end of ripeness, but many do, and they do it reliably. Very small amounts of pollen are produced using this method, but a little pollen applied properly goes a long way."

    Almost all plants will go hermie, it just a question of stress. Weird light cycles or lets them grow really long are the easiest ways to force predominately female genetic to form male flowers.
  12. Yes, silver does this: When using colloidal silver formulated and 20 ppm or greater as a foliar spray, drenching the target area of the plant for 10-18 days in a row, the silver ion then inhibits the ethylene production needed by the plant to produce female flowers; In turn forcing the female plant to produce male pollen sacs.
  13. Harvesting that late in flower is degrading the THC peak of the plant.
  14. Most of the sacs I find at the bottom, but looking closer I’m thinking it may just be premature bud formation.... but the truth is these were bag seeds so they aren’t feminized and I’m not sure on the strains so it’s def a possibility they are herming.....
  15. I mean don’t bag seeds generally come from a plant that has hermed?
  16. I've seen feminized seeds go hermi under stress. You never know what's going to end up happening.
  17. They don’t make anything that works the other way around? Keeping a female plant from producing pollen sacs?
  18. I’m a month in with hopefully only a month to go.... you think if I keep a good eye and keep pulling the pollen sacs (if that’s what they are) I will be able to get through the rest of this cycle?
  19. That seems to be how the grower takes care of the girl, alot of things go to factor in how a plant ends up going hermi. So many things can cause it, lighting, stress, temps, the lists are endless. Some just do it because of genetics. Some people would trash the entire thing where some would say oh well and finish it out. It's all up to you and how you feel about it. I'm 7 weeks into flower and check for signs everyday of this.
  20. What would I see as far as pollen on the plant? What would I be looking for... lots of crystals are forming but I haven’t seen anything else.

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