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  1. Is there anyway possible to make sure the plant i grow is a female and not a male. Like if its a hermie plant is there a branch i could rid of that would pollinate the buds and make it a hermaphrodite? help me out cause im about to start a grow in my backyard and i dont want a tall ass useless male plant or a sexy ass plant that has a dick and vagina with seeds inside. any information would suffice.
  2. unless you get feminized seeds you won't know what your plants are going to be until they start flowering
  3. well damn thanks anyways. that fucks up my plan of planting a couple plants just in case one is a male, cause if one is a male its gonna fuck the females harder than ron jeremy. oh well once i get started ill get pics of my set up on here.
  4. you could take a cutting when the plant is very small and put just the cutting under 12/12
    ..it'll flower way before the plant itself has even finished its vegetative stage, so you'll know in advance whether you've got a male or female there
  5. put it under 12/12? explain please i have never grown so i dont know what you are talkin about.
  6. Lighting of 12 hours on 12 off. But iff you are out doors probably inpracticle. Why don't you just pick any males as soon as they show?
  7. Read my link on Sexing.
  8. can a [plant] b a male/female .. i have a plant that i think is both .. it's starting to flower but i noticed alot of little round ball like things {idk} around the plant ..not on the top of the plant but in between the inner growths ..does that make sence? can i cut them off ..or what? also i have another plant right next to it should i seperate them? please HELP ME .. sorry no pics ..
  9. you will want to cut down the male plant or else it will pollenate the female plant beside it.
  10. There are a couple of theories as to how to try and influence a plant to be female. Putting a yellow banana next to the plant and replacing them as they get brown is supposed to help. The peel releases some kind of airborne chemical that supposedly does something. Hasn't been verified, however.
  11. Yes, a MJ plant can have flowers of both sexes, called a hermaphrodite (hermie) - they are distressingly common. As they can (and will) pollinate your females, the best thing you can do with it is get rid, sadly.
  12. OldPork swears by that method, but he puts the banana (I think a green banana) in a plastic bag with the SEEDS in tissue. As the banana ripens it releases ethylene gas which is supposed to make the seeds more likely to be female. I suppose it will be harmless to find out if it works.
  13. The sex of the plant is in it's DNA.. Obviously the plant can be stressed or influenced of male flowers.. Hermies are a common problem with strains that have not been worked with(stabilized) such as bagseed or certain regions of the world grow strains that are more influenced by the hermaphroditic trait... grow your plants and quite a few more than 2 or three maybe like double the amount you are willing to grow because the average male female ratio could be 50/50--- this could depend of course guys I know.. Now I do recommend ordering at least some nirvana seeds off drchronic.com for thirty bucks so you have a good outdoor strain that is a little more stabilized than some hermaphroditic bag seed... Now what amsterdamage is saying is too start those seeds outside.. let them grow for a month or so than take cuttings(clones)Off(couple off each plant and label them so you know who is the parent...THen put a little compact flourescent light in a little socket(indoors) and flower the little clones under a 12/12 light period.. they will show there sex in a week after being rooted.. Then you will know which male plants too chop down outside before you even see there flowers...

    Now homeboy with the male flowers on your female plant... CHOP IT DOWN.. It will not help too cut them off they will polinate your other plants and YOU WILL GROW SHWAG...

    dont grow from bagseed guys unless you want a high chance of hermaphrodites.. But once in a while you will find that special female that made it through the cracks... Just a lot of choppin and more seeds than you EVER WANTED

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