Female or male?

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  1. New to growing, can anyone help me identify the sex. Around 6-7 weeks

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  2. I see no indication of sex from those pics.
    I hope you don't expect much.
    If you want a stretched and spindly plant, grow it in a window with poor supplemental lighting.
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  3. Same same as above lower the lights or get more lighting on plant.
    You want to know what sex the plant is flip lighting to 12/12 for 5 to 7days then flip back to 18/6 or what ever your lights are set for veg .
  4. Right now it’s in the window getting natural light plus grow lights. Also this is my first time attempting. so I should be using less light?
  5. You don't need less light.........you need a shitload more light.
    Light through a window is useless, and those blurple bars you have are poor at best.
    I understand it's your first grow.........we all started somewhere.
    But if you want to continue growing, I suggest spending money on a quality light and other equipment.
    Good luck.
  6. Ok thank you!
  7. The whole Idea of a grow room 1# priority is light control
    Green/hoop house grows you have to add light during the winter to keep the plants from starting to flower.
    You need about 35 watts of quality LED lighting per square foot of grow space .
    If your plant grow 3 foot diameter that equals 9 square feet of grow space requiring 315 watt led grow light or lights .

    You can make a DIY grow tent out a refrigerator card board box.
    But a grow tent is better .
    If your confused run a thread on which LED lights to buy

    Hoop house winter time we need lighting and heating
    this about as close as your going to get as a window grow in veg with added lighting

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