Female or male preflower?

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  1. Hey everyone, this plant is about 5 weeks in from seed, I’m currently trying to determine the sex of the plant and spotted this today. I’m not sure if it’s a male or female preflower. Any help determining would be amazing!! Thanks


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  2. I'm going to lean towards female. What you circled in black there looks more like a fat calyx just waiting to spew out its first pistil (or maybe it already did?) rather than a pollen sac. Wait a few more days to be 100% certain. Just my take, but I could be wrong lol. Fingers crossed. :thumbsup:
  3. I’m going to say male. Shaft with ball on top. Female pistils start from the stalk. No separation. just my suggestion. Not necessarily fact.
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  4. Its a boy!!

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  5. Yea, you're right. WTF was I thinking??! lol :smoking-bong:
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  6. Put the bowl down man lol. J/k
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  7. Might be a Caitlyn Jenner......but I am leaning it is a Bruce.
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  9. You, sir, win the award for the joke of the week. That literally had me LMAO.
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  10. Its a male with big dick

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