Female Or Male.Please Help!

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  1. vegetation day 30.
    top 3rd node=2 main stems
    Probably it is early male preflowers
    IMG_20160306_113748.jpg IMG_20160306_113750.jpg IMG_20160306_113841.jpg IMG_20160306_113912.jpg 2 (2).jpg IMG_20160306_113444.jpg IMG_20160306_113527.jpg IMG_20160306_113537.jpg
  2. To my eye it's too early to be sure what's going on. The little green "skin tags" are normal for every plant, and the little lumps either side of them are the preflowers but very very pre. The first couple of pics look good for being female though, I think.
  3. I agree with the Lackadaisical Scientist, there is no sex showing yet. Believe me when you first see those pollen sacks, like bunches of grapes on a stem, you will know it's a male. Good luck, mate. Looks like you've got the green thumb- plants (the little I see) look green and healthy.
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  4. Too early to tell m8. But very soon either pollen sacks or pistils will appear. It will be very clear...don't worry. Post a pic in a few days if you need more help :love-m3j:
  5. for now way too early

    hang on tho

    good luck

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