Female or Hermie??

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  1. Got this beauty going and I hope and pray she's a female.


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  2. Well, I see pistals in one picture, the rest look like balls. Hard to tell.

    Im in a similar situation with a plant, waiting to see what happens. Looks like balls :(
  3. From what i understand they could be the calyx's, so heres to hoping.... :/
  4. From what i can tell, pic one 1  male pic  2  female pic 3  female, i have a sticky in absolute beginners on how to tell sex and whether it's hermie, might help
  5. Thanks! Ill check it out...  All from the same plant unfortunitly.
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    Yea that's a hermie my friend.. Sorry to say it
  7. Well, Balls. Literally. What's recommended I do. Destroy? Quarantine? Leave and neuter it? I have two others in the room that are two weeks younger....
    Also I took some clones from the hermie asshole before i knew... I still have chance for females hopefully?
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    pick off the balls constantly to stop it from pollination, you may still get some buds out of it, but very time consuming
    clones are usually whatever the mother is
  9. Id wait a few more day, like 3-5 to know for sure. They wont pollinate in that amount of time so no worries.

    That way you can say definitively.

    Thats what id do.
  10.  Yea Thats what im going to do.... Today there are more pistils and what looks like more "balls" But some look like there somewhat opening to reveal some white.... So heres to hoping there calyx's.
  11. Heres an updated photo. It seams they may be calyx's. Still not positive though
    The lower node. Not sure of the strain, Could be 50% Indica 50% Sativa.   It vegged like an indica, but is looking more and more Sativa as time goes on, this is bagseed.

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  12. Heres another update. What are you guys thinking?   

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  13. Trash that plant. It is not worth the trouble.
    Best case scenario you have 100 hours of your life to pick off bananas and stop it from pollinating. Worst case scenario...you miss one. 
    Save your time. Save your effort.
    Trash it and start another seed. 
    I know. It sucks to kill something that you were so happy to see sprout. In the end, you will hate yourself for spending so much time on a garbage plant/something that can ruin your other plants. 
    I do agree. But at this point there are no other plants. Had three, one was straight male on me, other hasn't shown yet, but im pretty sure its gonna be male if it hasn't shown yet. And then I got this one.... It is separated from the other prospect.
    Im gonna start to germ some beans tonight.... But its all bag-seed, so yea that sucks. Haven't grown the balls to up and order some good genetics yet. Wanna at least iron down the basics. And have at least one successful grow. So if that means neutering this shim diligently, that's what ill do for the time being.
    Waste of time, maybe. Waste of experience, not a chance.
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    with maintenance you can still pull potent buds. just clip off any male pollen sacs throughout the grow. both plants in my avi are bag seed which were genetically herms ;)  1/2lb harvest
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    Thats great to hear!! I can see in the future, not bothering with herms. But right now. Technically its all I got. Im glad to hear of your success, and it gives me hope. :)  I wont be getting your yeild... All CFL grow here. But its all learning, will be buying better lights soon.
    Did your herm have "clusters" or was it a single ball at the node? Because Im only seeing a single nut/ball.
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    aside from the male preflowers, there were some nanners that would pop up here and there. just pluck em off and go about your day. sucks when it's all you have, but we work with what we got.
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    Ok cool. Ill start snipping tonight. Ive been holding back for a few days so i can gather some info from here... Yea man this sucks. I had three. One was male (destroyed last night), one hermed, and the last one is still under review.
  19. The one that hasn't shown yet is likely female. Female's are a bit slower to show sex than males. Fingers crossed for ya man. Sucks dealing with a hermi.
    Oh really, I was under the impression that the male pre-flower usually comes first.... But lol really what do I know? Haha. I Only know what i read on these forums. ha, I dont have enough first hand experience yet. +
    So with that said. Thanks for the fingers crossed. Mine are too!

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