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female or hermie??? plz?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by srhkid420, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. ok well i know shes not a complete full blown male but im not 100 percent if shes a full blown woman either.

    so on the first pic you can see definite female pistols. but as you go a node or 2 down i see a few more young pistols but an unidentified sac. im not sure if this will soon split and release more pistols or will it mature and turn into multiple pollen sacs..

    any input would be nice..

    it would be nice to know shes a female considering this is only my second grow and the first consisted of all males and this being my second i only got one female and this is it im hoping.

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  2. really.. how can over 30 people look at this and not have any advice?
    not one person has any idea what i am talking about?
  3. Those look like boy parts to me.
  4. I would have to say hermie..mmm dont cut yet if you havent yet. Take a couple more pics for us.
  5. nahh that's a girl.give it like 2 weeks and it's boobs will fill out :p
  6. alrightttt..

    yeah even if it is hermie i dont think ill end up chopping it considering this is the last plant left of my grow.. i have a fem hashplant haze seed going on a 12 12 from seed project as well..

    but i will def update with more pix in a day or 2

    im just unsure if that sac is a male pollen sac or a calyx that will later sprout more pistols.
  7. Man I'd give it a couple of days Mine kinda looked like that and flowers poked out
  8. that definately looks hermie...but very carefully cut or lightly pull the "balls"/pods off. anytime you see them. and make sure they arent getting any light leaks in the dark period and dont stress them at all anymore. you might just yet be able to keep it seed free. but dont let those pollen sacks open up or its gunna stop producing THC. the earlier they pollen the female parts the earlier the THC production slows/stops.

  9. stop spreading bad info around.

    if you dont know your stuff, dont post .

    giving him that info is just going to scare him and worry him and shit

    plants do not stop producing thc when its hermied
  10. Looks female to me. Usually they go hermie later in flowering usually after there has been a light leak or something to stress the plant. Has the plant been stressed lately?
  11. DONT PULL THE PLANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was in the same position a week or two ago.

    I had people telling me you have got males and also advice that i had hermies and to pull them out . My advice to you is to let the plant continue for a little longer. I did just that and now i have a closet full of flowering girls (i hope it stays that way). My plants looked just as yours did (pics i added above dont show it as good as yours) so i simply removed the sacs and now i am almost st the three week stage of flower and there is no more sacs.

    Check out where i am up to-

    Please be advised that some plants have this added to their genetics. Strains with a Thai, mexican and Afgahn background usually show these male pods early in flower (i have just found this out with research).

    Relax, let the plant go a while longer then make your decision.

    Just a note-------Had i have listened to some of the replies to my
    thread, i would have been left with an empty closet with much hard time and labour lost.

    I will watch this thread to see what options you choose. Good luck on what ever decision you make. Cheers
  12. You're braver than most dude,....personally, I won't risk a crop because of 1 plant. B-Bye.

    ps- it's a hermie,...all day long.

    THC production slows considerably once a plant flips. ;)
  13. thanks for the input everyone!

    i think im going to wait a few more days before i make my decision.
    as i was looking at it today i think im gonna wait for that sac to curve more downward before i clip em jus so i know for sure. i dont see any multiple sacs or and others forming besides the ones on the main nodes. ill be posting more pics tomorrow to show you guys where i stand. also, on my previous grown males i notices that those little sacs developed a tiny stem but i have yet to see this on this one. so that is my reasoning for riding it out for a few more days.

    if i were to clips these sacs off could it possibly stress the plant, stunt bud development, or stunt production of male or female parts? by stressing it more can force it to form more male parts aside from the clipped sacs?
  14. hello grasscity!!!

    this morning i woke up and decided to pull the sacs off..
    the sacs seemed to be gettin a bit wider.
    when i pulled the first one off the upper nodes i noticed what looked like a pistol coming out of the side of it. i pulled them anyways and found out that the calyx was pushed up against the sac. i didnt take any before pics but i did take pics of the sacs pulled off and a couple after shots.

    there were only 7 sacs total. 1 i dissected and the others were laid to rest.

    ill be sure to keep you all posted on the rest of my grow!
    i have one bag seed around week 2-3 flowering and one fem hashplant haze bean i decided to try 12-12 from seed as an experiment.

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  15. First off... NO ONE tells you to pull a plant cuz they dont want you to have a full garden, they just dont want you to have problems down the line. Experience goes a lot farther than intuition.

    Hermies tend to always be a hermie, fertilizing themselves and possibly others in your room. No one wants seeds in their meds, they do take away from final bud size as most of the energy is diverted into seeds.

    Pulling plants usually saves you a long road of heartbreak, most ppl just like to use the best plants they can and only the best, no reason to put all that time, money, and risk into something that is just gonna piss you off down the road.

    Yes some plants are natural hermies thats why were all on this planet....TO BREED... removing pollen sacs becomes about the only thing you can do.

    If you have other plants in the room that arent this way you put them in jeopardy as well, just not worth it to me for one plant when you have several others to well should I say.... ruin.

    Thats my 2 cents anyways:smoking:
  16. looks deeecent
  17. well i only have this one and a youngin.. so im not too worried about it pollinating the little one bc its still very young.. im jus gonna keep an eye on it and pull any other sacs that can form dwn the road.. thanx for your input bud..

    the more the better!
  18. hey all jus thought i should update with some more pics..
    i have yet to see another sac since the several that hav been removed.
    everything seems to be going great!
    and i think i have failed to mention that i am using MG moisture control.
    ive been usin this since my 1st grow. since i got all males 1st grow i thought the MG had somewhat to do with it. so i gave it another round with the mind set of more males but i was wrong. i know alot of people want absolutely nothing to with miracle grow but it seems to make MJ grow at such a faster rate. every plant i put from germ to soil and have yet to see any nute burn. i believe this may be the only MG product i would reccomend. so far every plant grown in this shit looks damn healthy and i have still yet to use any other nutes. just water when the plant is wilting and only when the plant is wilting and that seems to be the method with this stuff..
    me and a buddy were both using MG and he decided to go with soil, perlite, etc mixture this grow. he has a 400w HPS and i have about 8 25w (100w eqv) cfls. believe it or not the plant in the mg under the 400w HPS is growing about 1/3rd as fast as the plants under cfl and in MG. well im not here to rant and rave about anything but i am proud to say that MG MC just may be my permanent medium.

    let me know what you think GC!:wave:

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  19. it looks awesome so far,i knew it was a girl :p
    Good Job with the Grow :hello:
  20. thanx man!!! it took alot of learnin from my mistakes but im almost there! i cant wait to finally smoke my own chronic (as long as it come out decent lol) yeah i knew it was a girl as well jus those little sacs it had confused the shit out of me. but they all came off fairly east and left no damage whatsoever. ill continue updating pics for you guys who wanna see my results and what not.

    quick question for whoever. im not 100% but jus wanna make sure. im about 3 weeks into flowering and the lowest fan leaves are shrivlin up and dryin and eventually falling off.. this is supposed to happen during flowerin correct? bc the plant pulls and uses the nutrients from those leaves to go towards the production of bud sites? thats what ive always gotten out of it.

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