Female ICE and Skunk no.1 CFL JOURNAL

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  1. Eyyy Broo .. Sorry had alot of shit to do yesterday.

    I did some LST on my skunk no.1 cuz it was getting too tall. And now i will have alot of top budsites :D

    Well here is some pics :)
    I know my quality on pics is crappy but yeah

    Cheers and good tokes man

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  2. That a damn good job tying it down. Should see some undergrowth explosion soon! Keep it up bro. Lookin good

  3. Hey KK. Pretty babies! Don't you love it when the bottom buds start popping? I saw an article in this months High Times about LEDs specifically but it had lots of other great info in it. I had no idea that CFLs mostly emit usable light from the sides. As Benny Hill says "learning all the time".

    Remember that pm I sent you? No longer a need. U got to have friends!
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    Hey yall .. Thanks man.. i also think i did a pretty good job on tying it down. It litterally took hours before it started going up towards the light again, and i got atleast 6-7 budsite tops now and will probly get more :D I added a pic of how skinny and tall the Skunkno1 plant looked before i LST and stuff and then how bushy it is now !! plus a nice pic of my ice plants or one of them :) Cheers thanks for following my grow and taking time to post !! :)

    AND btw im getting some ekstra stuff added to my sleeve tatoo, a judge hammer haha and i will soon buy some bloom nutes for flowering :)

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    Def filling out more bro.. Dnt remember if you topped or not. Maybe think about that. I noticed some nice growth after i topped. Spilt into 2 in a couple days. What day you on now?

    Check out my grow homie. Jus posted it up last night


    EDIT: My b for not checking up ;)

  6. Hey Dutch.. Thanks for coming back bro :D
    Yeah its flowering and startin to smell some now.
    Got some new pics i think its been 1 week flowering or so cant remember how many days on ice plants either.. I dont keep track of it lol ..
    Anyways new pics ! those ice plants are getting big and look really healthy lots of leaf growth and the stem on my skunk no1 gettin fat ;)
    Should i transplant it in a bigger pot ? was thinkin bout it..

    i will check out youre thread man, what are you growin :) ?

    oh and pics here :smoke:

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  7. Whoo! Def filling out lol! I like to transplant once. From what u started in to its final resting place. No need to shock it more than once imo. Transplant when medium is dry. Easier to pull plant without too much root damage.

    An that main stem in a chode already!! LMAO!

    Plz check it out. Im feelin no love might jus delete thread an save myself the embarisment of no followers :( but im growin some nugg seeds i got

    Keep the updates comin homie. Ima be in front row till the end lol

  8. What does chode mean ? hahah. the ring thing i put in the dirt ? i got this bitch stringed down 3 places or so, and yeah i will transport it into a bigger pot i think, will probly help the buds forming faster, but i also dont wanna stress her too much :) its smellin skunky in da closet now man haha its great :hello:
  9. I love that smell. I want to pump it thru my whole apartment! But kno its a bad idea haha. I use Chode/Choad as a word to describe something short an fat.. Or just something fat like a stem.. works well i think:laughing:

    Urban Dictionary: chode or choad is a multipurpose word which refers primarily to:

    a) A penis which is wider than it is long (it is most certainly anatomically possible, for I have seen one for myself--it is not likely to be a common occurrence, but it certainly exists).

    b) A duplicate term for the taint (perineum).

    c) A fabulous insult combining the insultative power of both shades of meaning above.

  10. HAHA awesome man :D My neighbour is this chick who hit on me couple times but i rejected her cuz she aint my type lol and i got a gf..
    But anyway she knocks on the for papers and shit, and i will have no problem she smokes also. But ofc im still not telling her about my grow.
    But kno whatcha mean!! that smell is like mary janes vagina :D
    Took a nice pic for ya of the little jungle check it out and let me know if you like it :D my ice plants lookin rly good !!:smoke:

    Cheers dawg :wave:

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  11. Looks like your light is aimed at that Skunk plant.. An that a foil reflector?! You should think about adding a couple CFL's closer to the ICE plants. Prolly get some light to the bottom of the Skunk..

    What your temps bro? Only see that one PC fan from air circulation.. Oh an u could get all diff kind of nutes but basically organic/vegan vs not organic was the only thing i had to decide.. Only thing I cared about. Ive used General Organics stuff b4 tho.

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    i have 2 pc fans at 12v, one at the big bulb and the other one you can see. temps are at 79-83F
    i just put some foil up yeah to reflect light but i get no heat spots and used the more dull side of the foil so no probs.. Yeah but the growth is good on the ice plants on the under leafs also ;) i have it in the middle the big bulb and 3 more 30W 2700K CFLS i can just hang them lower to hit the buds better was thinkin bout it, btw i replanted the big one in a bigger pot now looks sweet :D

  13. Foil works. Jus askin lol. How big is the new pot? An is it the skunks final resting place? Thats a good bit of light in there. Think about lowering a couple bulbs. It wouldnt hurt.

    You doin anythin special this weekend kush?

  14. The pot is a little bigger then the one, one of my ice plants is in..
    Nah i been working out, and smokin hash solo cuz my freinds are busy and my girlfreind is in summerhouse until sunday with her parents.. Kinda sucks, so now i just woke up, bout to buy groceries, then go to gamestop and trade some ps3 games in for new ones :D and when i get home roll a fatty YEAH BUDDY xD
  15. Sounds like a good final home! I hate my gf parents. But her fam cool. Damn near all the men are philly cops. Love it lol. But when they go to the shore i stay home. Gotta enjoy the time away from her. She always around haha.

    I jus started germing fem seeds i got from Attitude. Ill update my journal when i get to the crib.

    An i will finally add u on the 3 lmao. Gotta get to 80 b4 the next mw comes out!! XD

  16. Haha man thats some funny shit, atleast she is cool with you smoking and stuff:D My girl doesent smoke but she is aight with it. Will be spending the whole weekend with her soon yay..

    Yeah the final home seems really good i noticed a good explosion in growth , but some of my pistils are drying out but there still is coming more.
    My ice plants are smelling skunky also, but cant spot any pistils yet but soon probly i will :D
    Some of the leafs look yellow in the pic but its the 2700k bulbs lighting on em, but i did have some fan leafs die on me, but whatever, still havent got any nutes bro.. Im stuck on the nutes lol help a brotha out.
    anyway here is a pic of the little jungle enjoy homie :wave:

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  17. Where are the ywllow leaves? Top or bottom? Theres a "Plant Abuse Chart" somewhere on here. Has good pics too. Would powt the link but im at work, hiding in a corner, replying to u lol.

    Plants look healthy to me. But im also the guy that jus lets em do they thing

    Alot of diff nutrients available bro. I do like the General Organics product line tho.. An thats not a little jungle anymore lol! Jus wait till u flower an u cant even get to back of plants without taking them out lol. Pain in the ass but satisfactory too. Like jerking off.. It aint the #1 best way to get off. But after all the searching, u find the right BBW an u good..

    Hope that wasnt too nasty. But i hope u pictured a naked fat girl in ur head XD hahaha
  18. haha that made me laugh, but man you sound like you just said you jerk it to BBW? wtf man hahaha.. :eek:

    But anyway :D I noticed some yellow fan leafs like in the middle of the plant.. But not many or anything.. also some other thing where the leaf is like a little paler around the edges?

    but yeah i can imagine, when they all are flowering the closet will be filled up like crazy and i will have to LST more to keep them from touching the cfls haha.. Lol i thought about using banana peels ? but dunno.
    I also wanna use organic ferts man so just need some good ideas:D
  19. my feminized ice plants showing sex now, both are female, so now i have 3 females flowering :D

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