Female ICE and Skunk no.1 CFL JOURNAL

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  1. Hey hey grasscity :)
    Originally i wanted to get a tent but i have this perfect closet that is 57x57x200 cm tall And i put in wood to create sections and stuff.
    The space im growing in now is 57x57x120 approx.
    I have 3x 30W CFL, cuz the skunk no.1 was originally inside a pc grow.
    I know i need more light and im getting a 125W CFL BLUE 6700K should give about 5500 lumen or so. So im gonna have 215W CFL actual. I have PC fans for ventilation, but i will invest in a better bigger fan soon also.
    Will build my own custom screen for the 125W cfl bulb :)
    My plan for the ice plants are maybe some LST and else just let nature do its thing ;) Temps are at 76-81 so im not so worried when the new cfl arrives :)
    the two plants who were in the PC, are now approx 30 days old and i still cant see sex, ive been doing 12/12 also. My ice babies just lost theyre shell this morning :)

  2. UPDATE ! :D
    I ordered a blue spectrum 110W CFL bulb 6400K
    Should be here tomorrow or after the weekend. Should kick my growth up alot :D
    I still cant see sex on my 2 plants. Should be seeing it though in 5-10 days :)
    My ice seedlings are doing good so far, although the stem streched a bit but nothing a little dirt in the top of the pot cant fix. :)
    im thinking about getting some nutrients probly bio bizz bloom for flowering.
    Will update when i get my new light :)


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  3. You get more out of cfls from the side. Vs the bottom of the cfl pointing to plants bro. Even a "wing" reflector will help. Lookin good tho keep us updated

  4. yeah im aware of that i will hang my 110W cfl on the side under the wood. And i made some reflectors of silver foil ( used dimm side ) and seems to be good, no hot spots cause CFLs are not that hot. Also got a perfect 12V adapter so PC fan runs faster and temps are better.
    Kinda annoying i been waiting so fucking long on my bulb and the guy from the page said today it should be sent and shit. Still nothing happened and he has my money. So im callin him again tomorrow and if something doesent happen soon i want my money back. The site is legit its not that. Dunno wtf is going on. Just sucks cuz i need that light as the plants grow bigger.
  5. pics, sorry for bad quality :)

    still waiting on that god damn light !!
    I repotted the skunk no.1 plants they seem to like it. also the top i did has made 2 shoots :)
    My ice seedlings also doing well !

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  6. woke up today and saw pistils on the top of the skunk no.1 plant, also smells skunky :p . But only one of them :) Im suspecting the other one to be male cuz it looks weird in the top, but will wait a little longer to see before i cut it off.
    If that guy from the homepage dont get me my light soon i go to a hydro shop and buy it myself, tired of this buying on the internet shit.
    thats all cheers guys. thanks for showing interest in my grow
  7. Good news, my cfl 110W 6400k is at the post office, picking it up tomorrow morning WOOO HOOO :D
  8. Your plants are gonna love u for providing more light! What the temp right now?
  9. Yeah :) i removed the other skunk.no1 cuz it was male, saw balls :(
    But oh well still got one skunk. no1 flowering, and feminized ice 2 seedlings.
    thinking about starting one more cuz i got a seed more of them :D
    The temps are good lowest was 60 i think and highest temp inside 85, but the temps usually sit at 78-80 :)
  10. I fitted the CFL 110W 6400K under the wood and fits nice..
    Will post pics later..
    Even though no ones checkin my grow out lol. ladies seem like theyre likin the ekstra light already !!

  11. Oh thanks! Im not subb'd or anything! :(
    Jk lol. Try an find something better than foil for ur reflector.. Maybe one of them silver things ppl put in the car dash during the day. The fold up joint everyone used to have lol. Dayo made one. Looks legit an worked well. He has a journal here. "Ice cfl"

    Pics mug fugga!! I wanna see that deformed top u suspect to be a male!

  12. yeah i was thinkin maybe take the bottom of those one useable grill things.
    but dunno. Dont have any pics cuz i killed it already. It was a male so had to get rid of it, this is my 3rd grow, done a couple of PC grows before so i know a bit, but all help is appreciated man :D i aint no pro at this growin shit lol.. AND here we go, temps are still good man highest was 85 else it is 80 or so. i now have 179 actual WATTS and about 10.000 lumens i think..
    PICS ! The ice seedlings are growing really fast since i got the CFL:hello: i keeping them close so they dont get stretched :)

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  13. Thought i would add a updated pic of the room, so here ya go :)
    , tomorrow im gonna smoke some good kashmir hashish with some homies haha :p havent toked up in a week :p
    Cheers have a nice day yall..

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  14. Lookin healthy bro! I can see all the light in there lol!! u play mw3 on ps3?

  15. I moved down the plants a bit more far away from the light. But yeah its lookin good had a little heat / light stress but only couple spots :)
    Nah man im more of a BF3 guy, but i do play black ops on ps3 also
    add Krayziekush77 if you wanna :D Im down for some zombies !
  16. Whadda you mean KK? I've been watching. Just not real vocal. Mebbe I'm just jel.
  17. I appreciate yall checking out my grow ! Lots of pistils coming on my skunk no.1 will update later today :)

    Have a nice day, cheers
  18. UPDATE BRAJ?! lol An I own all the COD's im down for zombies sometime..

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