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  1. I'm a 19 year old girl who loves underground rap and anyone from AZ to the LOX to souls of mischeif. etc.. I was just wondering if that's normal LOL ..I have yet to find another female who admires it as much as I do. I love all types of music but there's just something about hiphop ...

    Just wondering people...I'm bored so any comments are appreciated
  2. i can honestly say i dont know any girls into hiphop like u seem to be. i give u mad props for that tho
  3. lol thanks i think it started due to me having an older brother, and I'd look up to him growing up.

    for example, at 12 yrs old I remember knowing Inspectahs verse on "Triumph" , and to this day thats how Im so familiar with it, it stuck w/ me since then... idk it's crazy stuff if you ask me.
  4. now i kno ur asking if any females are like u with the hip hop. but im not a female but i am the same way with the hip hop. but more with DJs and scratching
  5. that's pretty cool man.. i wish I could be gifted like that with beats and all. But, thats a whole diff topic, i should probably just stick with going to beauty school ha
  6. are u in to graffit also. thats 1 thing im really into and i miss doing it.
  7. Nah, I used to think I was artistically inclined until I noticed I was just drawing things that didnt make sense.

    Grafitti is dope to look at though
  8. lol that some funny shit. yea it kinda has to make sense
  9. True unless youre high!=]

    but..back to my topic .. . .
  10. i know multiple. a female friend of mine is a big fan of Stones Throw and some german underground stuff while my very own girlfriend appreciates a variety of Rap music like i do. Mentioning The Roots, Termanology, Kenn Starr, De La Soul, Redman, MF Doom or Mos Def. Shit's way too cool. :cool:
  11. Nice, but whats w/ the smiley at the end, you make it seem like it turns you off or something?
  12. the smileys' code is :cool: so i thought it fit what i was saying.
  13. haha yeah my sister is kinda like that since im rele into the music. she hears all the songs before all her friends do on the radio haha.
  14. haha well consider that a good thing ,the radio is wack nowadays as you probably know..unless they throw on some oldschool tracks or once in a while theres some decent joints

    but yeah, what would us girls do w/o older brothers=] I probably wouldnt have been so obsessed with Nas as I am now, lol
  15. haha yeah she not rele into the gangster rapping as i am haha, so she likes hearin the more easy going rappers like drake, cudi, wayne, etc and i usually have all the songs, before they get in rotation

    i wish my sister listened to nas lol
  16. ooh those I can tolerate, with the exception of lil wayne. ugh i hate even just typing his name ...

    but yeah Nas, and 90s rap = above all
  17. there's dope 00s Rap as well.
  18. true storyy
  19. wish what exactly ?

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