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  1. Ok so i recently started having sex with my girlfriend... the problem is, she can't take the pill because her parents can't know that she's having sex with me. So, I've had to use a condom everytime and I don't like it, I can't feel very much because of it and it's hard for me to get as hard as I could because I know im not going to enjoy it as much as I would without one.

    but the worst part is that everytime we've had sex, the condom broke!!! I don't know why this is and it's really scary because sometimes I don't realise that it breaks and only do when we switch up positions.:eek:

    So my question is, what kind of contraceptive are available for woman other than the pill? Which would you recomend?

    Any helps on this would be greatly apreciated!
  2. The pull out method works pretty good if you got the control for it
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    there is the depo provera shot which i highly dont reccomend if you can take pills. it is going to almost whipe out her period and she will need one every 3 months. But honestly get birth control pills, go into planned parenthood, they are free and they can give you almost 3 packs at a time, if you can hide your stash, she can hide her pills.
  4. the condom broke a bunch?
    OH shit she probaly is pregnant? lol.

    uhh, if your gf is over 18, she doesnt need a parents permission.
  5. anal sex ... but why is it a porblem to get the pill here in Germany an 10 year old on could probaly buy it so ..

  6. I would man but she won't let me, she thinks that sometimes I wouldn't be able to control it and I respect her choice
  7. The thing is, her dad can't even know im goint out with her cause he's muslim, im not he wouldn't approve... her mom knows about me but doesn't know we have sex. I guess she could hide it but it just seems like a lot of hassle until we can get things straightened out with her parents.

    I was wondering for the time being until she can take the pill if there are like female condoms or things like that? lol i watched an episode of sex and the city where the main girl that looks like a foot said she had to putt on her "diaphram"?
  8. come on now, pull out does not work at all please tell me you guys learned this ages ago. pre-cum duh it will get her pregnant just as fast as the real deal
  9. I will look into this but I live in Belgium so chances it won't be the same "program"
  10. chances of getting pregnant from pre-cum are small, but still you don't want to be in the few %

    here are some of the reasons why your condoms are breaking, pick and choose if you like
    1.) not squeezing the air out of the head when putting it on
    2.) not enough lube
    3.) they aren't wide enough

    to make sure it's not number 1, i feel it's best to use a 2 handed technique in slipping on the glove, keep the tip of the rubber pinched while you place it on the head instead of trying to squeeze the air out when it's already on, you'll have less air trapped in there.

    also try putting a drop or 2 of lube in the condom and a little on the outside as well

    if the condom feels too tight, then number 3 is obviously the issue, if you think you can fit it, check out lifestyle XL's, they're just as wide as Magnum XL's but not as long. Next under that in size are Magnums, Durex Love and some others I can't remember.

    Best of luck, I've thought about converting to Islam, but with the whole thing about not fornicating I think I'd make a bad muslim, but then again I'd make a bad Christian or Jew too, so we'll see what works.
  11. I think you are quite right, it's probably a combination of number 2 and number 3... im gonna invest in some larger condoms and lube and ill see how that works:)
  12. wait

    since you're in belgium check out this site

    TheyFit condoms use a propiety fit system which allows you to basically have a custom sized condom, they don't use inches or mm so ordering a pack of B88's is no different than Z11's, you'll know your size by using the measurement system and they are supposed to be great.

    For some reason they don't ship to the US at the moment so I just use the ones I referred for you.

  13. Buy Tojan Gold condoms.
  14. trojan "gold" condoms are just magnums, they come in the gold wrapper, suitable for girth from 5.5 to about 6.25, anything over that and you need Magnum XL or Lifestyle XL.

    Still I wholeheartedly recommend TheyFit condoms for you as I've never heard a bad word about them.
  15. Learn how wear a condom properly, and use one. Don't rely on her, and don't rely on pulling out.
  16. Heres your female contraceptive.

  17. :confused: lay off the coke buddy
  18. pull out has worked for me for years
  19. I second that. Haven't bagged it in 3+ years.
  20. Just pull out dude. I pull out when i first feel like im gonna bust... beat your meat for about thirty seconds and give her a facial. Been effective thru 5 girlfriends over about 3 years time..

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