Female Checkup

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  1. A Lady was very busy one morning, had got the kids off to school and the Husband off to work.Was starting with her many chores when the phone rang. It was the receptionist at her Drs. office, reminding her of her 9:00am Gyn checkup.It was already 8:15 so instead of bathing like usual, she grabbed a washrag from the sink and did the best she could.Arriving at the Dr., the Nurse told her to go ahead, dress down and get in the chair. When the Dr. came in the room she looked out the window, and dreamed of Hawaii to avoid embarrassment. As he was finishing up the Dr. said, "My, Someone tooka little extra special effort today!". She was stunned that he noticed, and did not reply. Upon getting home, her 19yr old daughter called from the bathroom, "Mom, where's my washrag?" The Mom replied "just get another one!" The daughter replied, "No, I need that one, it has all my glitter and sparkles in it!!" :smoke:
  2. lol and at the same time eww....
  3. Ha ha. normally I wouldn't laugh at a joke like that because I am a girl but for some reason that was pretty funny.
  4. Don't get it...

  5. me neither
  6. lol, yeah I guess that's pretty funny

  7. The bird wiped her privates with a washrag that had glitter on it and her privates were all glittery and she was embarressed that the doc saw the glitter.

    BUT knowing how you Pommies aren't up to date on modern hygiene practices like the rest of the western world, a washrag is a clean cloth that you apply soap and water to so that you may clean your body on a daily basis. Seems odd, washing on a daily basis, to you English folks i know.Heck, we even brush our teeth 2 or 3 times a day in the USA.

  8. very funny im going to forward this one

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