Female Calyx Raised On Stem???Ever Seen This??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ChronicCrab, May 11, 2011.

  1. I was looking at my plant today and found a calyx raised up on a stem I freaked thinking it was a male pre-flower... but than I found more but they all had pistils coming out of them.. has anyone ever seen a female calyx do this???

    Sorry my camera can't take a pic of stuff that small but here is the plant..

    47 days from seed, 4 days 12/12 13 inches tall 12 inches wide

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  2. cant really c it on ur pic. is it growing on the leaf stem. have seen pics of male flowers doing this. unstable genetics
  3. No it isn't growing on the leaf stem, it's growing on a node where calyx's are suppose to form, and the pics were just to show the plant, I can't take a picture of the calyx cause it is too small, my camera is really blury up close to stuff.

    It isn't a male calyx it is female raised on a very short stem with pistils, I've never seen a female do this that's why I was askin if anyone else has...
  4. Here's one of the pics I "tried" to take of it...

    You can't really see the pistils cause they're just barely poking out but they surely are there...
  5. Mine are doing the same thing,
    I have long pistols coming out of all of them too, I'm guessing it's from the stress early in vegging because I messed my plant up haha! But it's budding everywhere no problem.
  6. Yeah, EVERY cannabis plant does that when it reaches maturity.... It's called preflowers, you'll get them in veg too if you veg long enough.
  7. i almost always veg until i see preflowers. it just means the plant is sexually mature and is ready to be flowered. if you flower before its mature you are forcing flower, not a bad thing.

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