Female but maybe pollinated??

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    Hello and thanks for your time.
    Here's the short of what's going on. I'm on my 4th grow. I had a mother plant from who I took clones. Sannies anesthesia.
    On my last grow I had a plant hermie on me late in the grow and I missed it. She self pollinated only a very little and slightly pollinated one of my other plants. I sprayed the room down and wiped it out.
    I now have new plants growing, but their growth seems different from previous grows. Previously I believe she had many more hairs. This time around it seems like a more dense growth with more swelling or perhaps seeds growing.
    I still have white hairs, it just seems like many many less.
    Can you tell if she's pollinated? I think my air filter might have re pollinated the room when the exhaust kicked on.
    2nd week of flower. 400w. HEMPY.


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  2. So....
    Was it pollinated?
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    Really dont think 2 wk of flower it can become pollinated. To be more detailed do you mean the actual 2nd week of flower or just been 2wks since 1212 light change? When I make seeds it takes longer than the first 2 wks anyways. Even if it's seeded you'll still have bud to smoke if you cleaned tent then it shouldn't be bad. Plus you get free seeds.

    Tbh really cant tell anything under that light pics aren't clear either. Good luck bud
  4. Well it was 8 years ago so our words don't really change whatever the result was....
    So I'm wondering what that result was....
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