Female? and other issues.

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I'm new here - i know the sexing discussions is repeated in the forum over and over but i just would like to make sure my 2 plants are ladies - both come from feminized seed and I don't them to become hermies.. are they female for sure ? are those pistils a pre-flower signal? I've planted from seeds around 12th of june - Is it already time to flower? when can i expect to harvest?

    I'm growing outdoors and I live in UK - as you may guess the weather is crap - not too much sun or heat, and lots of rain.. what shall i do? shall keep it outside?

    anyway , both plants seems to be happy and growing - the 1st pic is White Widow , the 2nd is a Velvet Bud ....

    tks for your help :cool:

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  2. looks like female flower in the last pic :hello:

    ..I didn't see anything in the other one. GL man! :D

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  3. tks m8
    is this a preflower?

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