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    ok so today i was out infront of my house smoking a blunt and then eventually a black and mild and i look down the street and i see this girl walking her dog. so what do i do, i say hello whats your name, she tells me her name, i ask how old she is, she says 18 and graduating from school this week, then i say, your pretty jamie, and she says im nice, then i ask if she has a boyfriend, and she says "no sir i do not" then basically just small talk like hows school, do you like school, blah blah blah, so then after basically walking her dog with her all the way up the street, i tell her im gonna turn around and i want to know if i can have her number, she ask me why should i give you my number? and i say becuase your a cute girl and i want to get to know you better, and she says, you know what, talk to me tommorow and ill give you my number, and i say, damn foreal why cant i have it today, and she says you haft to work for it, i said okay what time you gonna be out tommorow? and she says, same time, when the sun is down, and i say ok look for me, and she says ok smile, laughs and we go our seperate ways.
    i just dont know what her intentions are, and if shes into me for just the first time :confused_2:
    so basically i need some advice to see if this is going the right way, i really want girl members to tell me what thier intentions would be saying this to a boy, she really is cute and my intentions are right. off top you know sex is no time soon lol (gotta work for a damn number) but thats not the reason i decided to talk to her, i really think she is a down to earth girl and if i just wanted sex i woudnt had posted it on here...
    thanks for all the replys, happy toke sessions  :hippie:
    edit: what also i left out is that she recently broke up with a boy that she knew for very long, and from my inferring's that he maybe tried to play her, but idk 

  2. Just try it and see. she might be doing to see if you're serious about talking to her or she might have just brushed you off. you will know tomorrow bud.
  3. There goes my babyyyyyyyyyy, hello pretty brown eyes.
    It depends if she's really goodlooking I would play it cool, but she already knows you're interested. But yeah I would just play it cool.
  4. If I had that exact conversation with a guy I'd be creeped out. How old are you? Weird. 
    If she wanted to give you her number you would already have it. 
  5. i was making sure she wasn't a minor.... shes really short..
  6. tooo truue
  7. Who creates small talk like that? And why would you ask about her relationship status within minutes of meeting her? She was walking her dog not dancing at the club. She probably thought she was going to be raped and fronted like youd see her again so that wouldnt happen.
  8. Now that I read it over, it sounds like some script for bangbros or some shit hahaha
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    no i didnt ask her relationship status after minutes of meetiing her, overall the whole thing was at least 20 to 25min, and its called getting to the point, and not beating around the bush, i dont want to waste my time and then finally get all the way there just to find out she has a boyfriend. and small talk like what? hows school? how do you like it?how do you like your teachers? whats your dog's name? what type of dog is it? how come i never seen you before in the neighborhood? and then getting to the point to why i even started to talk to the girl in the first place, to either try to make something work, or see how quick i can get her loose. scored me girls a few girls in my day
  10. this nigga a hype beast
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    Lol nah I just love those pee-wees so fresh, so dope, so orgasmicily oriental. You get props for approaching though.
  12. fruit
  13. Eh I like strawberries.
  14. u also are one jit
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    Thank you, I try. We fruits need to stick together make a nice fruit salad.
  16. then get your fruit salad tossed by other fruits haha
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    I would much rather a game of pickup basketball, I can be shirt, you can be blouses lol
    I'm done go flirt with someone else, I like women bruh
  18. Hmm none of us can know for sure. There are many factors, like your overall attractiveness and mannerisms. You sound pretty confident, which helps in the not seeming like a creep department. And yeah it's unfair, but if you're attractive that also helps you not seem like a creeper right off the bat. 
    How did she respond to your questions?
    Polite, short answers? One word when possible? Not a good sign. She didn't want to be a bitch/was too shy to tell you to fuck off
    More complete answers, and asking you questions too? Good sign.
    Laughing and natural conversation? Obviously better
    She could've told you to come back for her number for a couple reasons. Maybe she was being flirty, and really did want to make you 'work for it' and prove that you're not gonna just forget about it and hoard her number without ever using it.
    Or maybe she was not interested, and didn't know how to say no after that much chatting, and is just planning on not being out there when you come by.
  19. Lmao. Let OP pick up girls How he wants. stop judging him
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    Half the guys on GC would have made a thread like, I saw this girl walking get dog and she was so cute. How do I talk to her?'

    So, I'm not sure why anyone's getting on dude for his conversation skills. Practice makes perfect. Being observant of body language is important as well when determining how someone perceives you.

    Just wait until tomorrow and kind of let her control the conversation and see where she takes it.

    Being too forward might be a little awkward from her point of view.

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