Fem seeds, yet one plant showing a little sac. Has it hermd?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by KidKid, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. I have two plants going right now. Both fem seeds, an Afghan Kush and a White Widow. 
    They have been vegging for 7 weeks so far. Their room temperature is always 73-79 never above or below. The RH is never over 60 percent. They are very green, never had defeciencies, never got burned, and have never been too close to the light. They were under MH light up until today, when I switched over to an HPS. Their room conditions have been damn near perfect. Growing in coco, PH always at 5.8, using H3AD's formula. 
    Yet, the Afghan Kush is showing small little sacs. Not many. Only two, on the same branch, and not right next to eachother. They are very tiny, but defiantly "look" to be male preflowers. 
    I know fem'd seeds can't turn male, but I assume the plant could have Herm'd? I don't understand how. Unless a light topping is what did it, everything else has been perfect. 
    Should I wait to see if more form, and could pistils sprout from the tear drop shape sac? 
    Only have two plants, and really don't want to lose one. 

  2. pictures would be more helpful...
  3. U can get males with fem seeds. It happened to me once.

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  4. maybe youre mistaking a calyx as a pollen sac... give it a little while longer see if pistils form...

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