Fem Seed Production?!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by burritoboy, May 27, 2010.

  1. So read that you let the ladies go for 2 weeks or so to long and get male bannanas. Then you take those pollen fruits and use them on other flowering ladies and you get fem seeds??? Anyone know how well this works.... Tired of clones and uneven growth. Seeds are just eaiser....
  2. Afraid it don't work that way, sorry.

    Stress and/or unsavory genetics can force a female plant to turn into a hermaphrodite. That is, it will produce male flowers in addition to female flowers. Pollen from the male introduced to the female flower will produce seeds. Since the plant has pollinated itself asexually, the resulting offspring from the seeds will be female or hermaphrodite.

    You're getting uneven growth from clones? That's odd. :smoking:
  3. wow i wish i knew this i had a white widdow hermi on me and i ripped the sacks off and harvested after 7 weeks flower didnt wana give the seeds chance to grow rly but shit if i knew they would of been fem id of let it go the full 9 weeks
  4. actually it does work like that, you just have to pollinate any other plant besides the herme and they will be fem seeds
  5. Right on bro. Thanks for the different plant info. Was not sure about that but they would be already to far gone by then anyway.. I don't know why everyone would not do it this way I mean with my genetics now I can get like 5000 seeds from one grow on one big female and never have to clone again and if I have to take a break or have a melt down I have the seeds to continue. It is a pain in the ass to clone and the plants from seed have much better uniformity in the top main colas and that is what I want.. Thanks again.....


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