Felony vs Simple Possession

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  1. I realize that the answer to this question would vary from state to state but I'd just like some of you that know the business to give me an idea or "average".

    (1) How much marijuana does it take to be considred felony possesion ?

    (2) Just a guess - What do you think the penalty would be for a first time offender, caught with 5 lbs of pot ?

    Any comments, tips, tricks and tactics appreciated !

  2. In Oregon under an Ounce is a misdomeanor....above is a felony.

    Go to www.NORML.org and look at the laws in your state..be careful though because NORML laws arent always up to date.

    5 lbs of pot..Id say minimum 5 years jail time for possesion with intent to distribute...maybe $100,000 fine.....thats probably an "average" of most states...
  3. I was caught with 2 and a half ounces and was charged with a felony. So I dont know but I was just glad when I went to the court that they dropped the charges because it was my first offense and none of it was rolled so they couldnt charge me with intent to deliver. I lucked out that day is all I can say. Plus I begged and pleaded because I would have lost my nursing license had I been found guilty.
  4. i believe in new jersey anything under 50g's is not a felony
  5. Five pounds.. God damn send that kidk my way.
  6. Seems that five pounds would fall under the trafficking catagory.
  7. Possession here they would just take it off you and probably smoke it themselves.

    Smoking it in public where people could be offended/influenced (like a school) would get you a you a caution.

    Dealing might get you an arrest, if you are growing and distributing you could get up to 8 years.

    God bless the UK and there relaxing attitude.

    I dunno what is meant by a felony - I would imagine you mean a criminal record?
  8. yeah i thought it was misdeameanor here under 50g's......i was wondering if anyone knew how long it usually takes to get one wiped off your record.......i heard somethin about 5 years but that seems a bit long
  9. here anything over 5 grams is a felony. caught with more than 1 baggy its considered distribution and a felony.

  10. From personal experience ,once your ; 'on the computer' , 'in the system' ,'have a record' ,it does not simply go away.

    In America ,3 felony convictions and your out. Well actually your in....prison that is ,for a very long time. Depending on your age...........that could mean life.

    There is definately a down side to getting pinched for marijuana in the USA. It can affect even the quality/quantity of work you can get .

    If you deal ,or just deal in quantity consider 'all' the possibilities.

    Above all else.............

    just don't get caught !

    If you can't be good ,be careful.

    and enjoy :)

  11. You can get your record cleaned if it was a non violent misdomeanor..it usually takes 5 to 10 years of having a clean record plus a legal fee and they'll "Nullify" your record(or some other word like that..im stoned).

    Also, that three strikes your out rule doesnt apply to the entire US I dont believe..I know California has that law..but many states dont use that method.
  12. Here in michigan it sucks ass, when i was 17 the court suspended my drivers licence for 6 months, and i was not driving and I only had 1/4 ounce. But here your record is clear in 7 years.
  13. thanks nubbin.......yeah i was checkin and like here its five years to get it erased.......sucks ass though cause i got a couple years to go......but by the time i finish and go to grad school that five years should be up......and damn more lawyer fees
  14. Thanks for all of the imput. I've researched my area and found out that anything over 50g is considered a felony. However, the biggest arrest in our counties records is 2900 pounds and the guy served almost 3 years and was released. He's a millionaire now and fishes for a living. From all of the locals imput here, 5 lbs would get me 1 year tops. I don't wanna find out for myself though !
  15. ^^^true......yeah on another note though doesn anyone know anything about when you receive a criminal discharge when your convicted.........i got that and was suppose to get a probation officer but no one ever contacted me......so does that make me eligible for my record to be expunged cause ive already passed the one year probation period

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