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  1. So im 18, and I got popped for stealing a 4wheeler. I was all fucked up with a group of people and I know it was a stupid idea, even when I was doing it.
    It was found on my property so Im not bringing any friends into it. I dont have any other record and I was wondering if I should get a lawyer or If I should just go in and be like..."look, i messed up and I know it. I dont need prison to realize that. I want to go into the armed forces and go to college and get a good job one day, and A felony messes all of that up. I am currently enrolled in college and I obtained my g.e.d. between the time of my arrest and this court date."

    and blah blah blah. all of this is true, I just hope the judge sees it my way.

  2. Seeing that you are looking at a felony, yes, I would get a lawyer and immediately cease talking about it with anyone until your trial is done. You probably screwed up any chances of joining the military, so I wouldn't worry too much about that right now.
  3. Don't talk untill you get a lawyer.
    Also never stab a judge, just in case.
  4. Get a lawyer you idiot. You're boned for life if you don't. And delete this post right now.
  5. you deserve it, why the fuck would you jack someones motor in the first place?

    aint you seen pulp fiction, fool? 'never fuck with another mans automobile'

    idiots like you shouldn't be given a lethal fucking weapon, i hope you aren't allowed into the military
  6. help the guy out :rolleyes:
    he's in enough trouble he doesn't need people who he's asking for help to be giving him MORE problems.

    look man...
    my advice is:
    1. Delete this/don't talk to anyone (Except a lawyer)
    2. Get a good lawyer, even if its expensive
    3. Be respectful to everyone in the courtroom.

    You can't be going into a felony larceny charge like "ya, i was drunk, crazy night.... can i go now?" you need to go in with a well prepared argument from a respectable layer. Even if its expensive it is worth it to avoid a Felony. Trust me, if you have any serious plans to go into the military you need to get a good lawyer.

    A felony will fuck you up. With that being said, good luck i hope you know what you did was wrong--which it sounds like you do. I also hope it goes well and they get their property back.

  7. You people need to chill the fuck out. He's askin for advice not to get bashed on he's already bashed enough. He knows he fucked up yea well we aren't all perfect.

    Yea lawyer up try n get that felony dropped that shit will fuck up your employment.
  8. thanks bluberry, I will be getting a lawyer.

    I gave the police my statement when they took me in and it was the complete truth, But I dont know if that hurt my chances of getting something done about this.
    They got their property back with no damage also.
  9. First, delete this post why the fuck would you post about an open case on a forumn for pot users
    second, get a lawyer smarticle.
    third, dont do drugs if you steal 4 wheelers while you're high
  10. ^^ haha i love your sig

    +rep :smoke:
  11. if anyone tried to use this thread in court, it probably wouldnt do them any good, assuming the OP is telling us the truth when he said he was being truthful when he made his statement.
  12. you're more than welcome. I actually want to be a lawyer some day so my advice is free to anyone for now.

    As to giving them a statement... avoid doing this in the future. Plead the 5th if you can, it makes it easier for whoever gets to defend you. But your statement in this case probably wont hurt you so its all good. And im glad their property was returned.

    good luck, life goes on.

    maybe. but IF they did find it and IF they decided to use it, it could be used against him. I mean going to a marijuana forum for legal advice might cause the judge/jury to look down upon the defendant. unless they're members of GC of course!
  13. you guys should check this out

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhbJd2USUDI]YouTube - Don't Talk to the Police Even if your Innocent Pt1 of 3[/ame]
  14. i dont know if your serious about the armed services or just using it to dodge responsibility (so many of our youth do). regardless... if your tellin a judge you want to join the military you may want to go and talk to a recruiter before the court date and see what they can do for you. Theres many strings they can pull and you can possibly have ur charges knocked down to something less. Or they can get a waiver for ur past criminal activity so you can still join.
  15. I -rep'd you.

    Just letting everyone know.
  16. when they found the 4 wheeler in your yard you should have said "I was wondering whos that was. I noticed it there when i came home."

    then you wouldnt be in this situation.
  17. Thanks all that helped, I will be going to the recruiting office tomorrow after I visit with my lawyer. Hopefully I can get this knocked down from a felony.
  18. nice try...

    then he would be in trouble for possession of stolen property :wave:
  19. never say a word to the police

    get a lawyer

  20. get a Jewish lawyer, they come through in sticky situations

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