Felons in extraction lab?

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  1. I am currently in college majoring in chemistry, I am a convicted felon and wondering if there is any chance I could ever work in an extraction lab? Thought maybe someone here might know something as far as my possibilities I know I could never work in a dispensary and I don’t think I could work in a grow house either.
  2. I don't know.
    You should apply yourself anyways if that's where you want to go. You being a felon is public knowledge. Let them do the footwork, or pay someone else to furnish them that info if they want it. Why should they hear it from you for free.
    I don't know how far back they go, my last felony was in 1983 and I was e-verified to be a care giver about 3 years ago. All you can do is try. I let "them" be the ones to tell "me".
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  3. Expunge it can be costly but well worth it! Also, many times the folks that make those decisions will give you a waiver if your the right fit regardless.
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  4. Depends entirely on the state you're in. Most states have a rule stating that if you have any felony convictions within a certain period of the time before the date of your application you'll be disqualified. How long varies by state. Some also say something like, "a felony in the previous x years or more than one in the previous y years". More and more places are trying to recognize how ridiculous it is to punish people with convictions for something that's legal now too. You'll just have to read your particular states statutes and maybe pay a lawyer for a one time consultation fee. It's cheap. Sometimes even free.
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  5. Expungement isnt always an option and is very difficult to get these days. The crime has to be a certain amount of time ago depending on what the crime was. Atleast 7+ years in most cases and lots longer or never if it was a violent felony I went through the process to get my gun card back. It took a year and a half and a lot of $$$. Lots of states won't even do it anymore.
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  6. Odd how they won't hire people who were the first to grow, simply because they've done prison time, for growing.

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  7. Believe all together it depends on what the felony is for and then the company can decide.
  8. Yeah the tend to rate the felony in a sense.
    Felony - half a chance
    Drug felony - we’ll think about it
    Violent felony - fuggidaboutit and start your own business.
    As a felon, a lot of doors may close on you before you know they exist. Start your own business!
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  9. The state laws decide the who,what,when of whether or not a felon can work in the industry. Then a company can make decisions from the pool of people within those parameters.
  10. Depends on the state laws I know here in oregon ya gotta have a spotless record just to work in a dispensary, not sure if the care bout ppl workin behind the scenes.
  11. I know in Canada a felon can’t.
  12. Generally if you are convicted of a Drug Crime, you will not be allowed to work in a Pharmacy, Hospital ect. Any place they dispense drugs. Even a Walmart. Krogers.

    If you are convicted of a Money Crime you are banned from working in a Bank, or handling money. Cashier ect.

    I believe after a certain amount of time they may drop this rule.

    In legal states, if it was a weed crime, and what you did is now legal in the state you live in, you technically are not supposed to be penalized.
  13. I am a convicted felon (2010) and I have my caregiver licensing, work part time in a dispensary and the rest of the time in their grow house. In Maine, so long as it is not drug related, you are fine.

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  14. As long as you're a hard worker and aren't expecting to get rich over night, you can do it.

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