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Felon on a long road trip...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by COskimag, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Been a lurker around GC, but now I have a serious question that I need answered. Little background, I am 29 years old, just got out of a Texas State Prison (Michael Unit) on December 22nd for Burglary of Habitation and Possession of Controlled substance after doing 6 years. I've accepted a position at a ski resort in Colorado and here pretty soon a buddy of mine and myself are going to be heading up that way. We'll be taking highway 287 that begins in Fort Worth. We plan on bringing about a half and rolling it all into about 11 or 12  blunts, for disposal purposes. I refuse to ever see the inside of a cell again. My question to anyone on this forum who is geographically intelligent, or not but knows the roads, are the police quick to pull over two grown men who are pretty clean cut driving an 85 chevy c10 on highway 287? I have traveled before, but never on this highway.

  2. I think as long as you drive safe and follow the speed limit y'all should be good lol:ph34r:
  3. Not to be a downer, but if you vow never to see the inside of a prison cell again and you already know how bad it is, shouldn't you just wait until you get to CO where cannabis is legal to light up? If you are on some sort of probation something as simple as them finding you with a few blunts is enough to get locked back up...I dunno man I would just take the sober car ride and enjoy when I get to the destination, just my $.02
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  4. Hell no man, not on parole at all. I opted to do a serve all, instead of 4 years in prison and 6 years probation which I was offered at court
  5. I would wait until you get here really. Since going legal retail you know troopers are going to be watching near the state line. The best way to avoid jail is not break the law. Your not going to get rid of 12 blunts with a cop behind you without it getting noticed. If anything make a few edibles long lasting and less suspicious.
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  6. cruise control the homies
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    Attention all units..attention all units..
    We have a be on the lookout for an 85 chevy c10 with two clean cut males on hwy 287 coming from Ft Worth - reported to be in possession of illegal narcotics.
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  8. just drive like an old man and toke up  :bongin:
  9. Well that part is good at least....I'd still probably just wait though or go with the edibles idea..but once you get to CO it will be everywhere. Obviously it is totally your choice just be careful out there man, I wish you a safe journey :smoke:
  10. From my point of view, the only safe options are: smuggle an 8th in your recturm ; or wait til your get where you're going. Your choice!
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    Lmfao. I wonder if police would actually put up a bulletin for a forum post.
  12. Pack the prison safe :}   Go with the edibles bra you don't want to be sitting around in a cell wishing you would have only listened.

    No lol
  14. Yes, lol big brotha is watchin  :smoke:
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  15. Just drive safe and be smart.  (And smoke as little in Texas as possible)
    I drove cross country last summer smoking the whole way.

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