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Fellow Tokers...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lindberg711, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. Hi all. I am new to the forums, and rather glad I found them. I would first like to say that I love marijuana, and it blows my mind that this harmless substance is illegal in the States. Alcohol yields 10 times the dangers, but people will believe what they want I guess. Anyway, I had a really bizarre experience with the ganj last night. I have been trying to get a job so I took the past 2 or 3 weeks off from smoking. Last night, I was at a party and some friends were smoking "Spice" out of a gravity bong. I had never tried Spice nor a gravity bong before, and after just one hit I left planet Earth. I won't lie, the experience I had was terrifying. I immediately went into a bedroom and layed down. While I was laying down, my heart rate skyrocketed and I legitimately thought something was wrong. I was extremely paranoid and my body felt incredibly numb and intense at the same time. I kept falling in and out of consciousness and having weird images pop into my head, and it would seem like I would be out for an eternity but I would wake up and it would be one minute later. This happened numerous times. Also, I threw up 3 times. I have had so many great experiences with weed, but I am wondering...why did this happen? Every now and then when I don't smoke, especially if it's been a while, I have a trippy experience like this that is pretty scary. Well, I woke up today and I was just fine. Anybody have similar experiences?
  2. sounds like salvia and that is NOT a party drug
  3. this could have been a couple things,
    -you may have swallowed smoke
    -you wernt used to the gravity bong.i puked the first time i hit it lol.
    -or it was the spice(also known as k2 btw)

    or it coulda just been one of those highs that just ends up bad.
  4. hahaha i dunno man, my friend's old gravity bong fucking stole someones soul, and his symptoms were those exact ones, also our 1 gallon upside down gas mask bong did the same thing to another kid....i think its just so much fucking THC at once like WHOOOSE WOAH ribs crack, ZAM A DANG LANG TANG your too high in like 3 seconds....ive never had it happen but seen it 2 times
  5. Sounds like you need to increase your tolerance a little :smoking:
  6. maybe its because you were smoking a smoking blend and not weed.

  7. Yeah, a smoking blend or "spice" is not weed. It has synthetic thc in it. I would never smoke it. People have done some weird shit on it. I read a really interesting article from a newspaper about it.


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