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  1. Took out the Girls today and shed some fan leaves from the bottom growth set. They're still verry small, but coming along just ok. Any advice from anyone would be helpful..
    Did I take off too many perhaps? That's the question...

    My decapitated victim also recovered from the horrific accident. Lol.

    Happy Toking Everyone ✌

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    theres really no right or wrong here. just find a method you like. take 5 growers doubt any of them grow exactly alike. ive done both, as a beginner i read first all about lollipoping so thats how i grew hard defoliations 3 or 4 times a grow. personally i think as a beginner a person should only grow one plant, learn cannabis, educate ones self on the medium of choice and what it takes to produce a healthy plant, and a hardy flowering plant. which isnt learned in one grow just makes the process easier when thats all you have to concern yourself with is a single plant to keep alive. after that first grow tho and you understand your medium and nutrients more i suggest doing multiple plants, and growing them differently to a certain extent. of course you cant have one plant towering over the others. but different techniques change the nutrients up give more to one than the rest watch reaction. lollipop one only remove fan leaves blocking lower bud sites from the other with. mix it up until you find what works for you. now i only remove the fan leaves blocking lower bud sites but not until 6 weeks or so in i let it grow and tuck leaves until they get so big they are in soil or cant be tucked anymore.
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  3. Have you grown with two plants in a single pot before ?
  4. They look happy and healthy. Let them blow up with veg and trim right before you flip to 12/12 and selectively during flower. Looking forward to seeing these plants mature. Gl
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  5. Ya that two plant pot has to be trained alot. Bonsai style.
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  6. To be honnest, I've never. It's actually a entire story by it self how we got to this 2 plant 1 pot setup.

    I was visiting a friend and we we're busy germinating new seeds. The kids being overly intrigued with their dad's doing. So the two little boys took 2 pots, stabed a hole end dumped the seeds. After a week, they were healthy sprouts & I took it upon myself to fostet these babies..

    I'm really no einstein when it comes to smaller spaces using LED's. But we're learning and getting more adequately competent thanks to you guys.. Let's just say I'm a little rusty since the last time I've cultivated..

    Thanks to everyone for their advice and inputs!! I do appreciate the fellow tokers help!!

    Big Up !! Have a smokey weekend

    I'm real old school, and way back in the day we used CFL's & HPS/MH lightning. Nutrients & mediums I would say I got them covered on a basic level.
  7. Thank you Mr @Sean oro , noted !! I'll leave the rest as it is, no more snippets and decaps!! Lol, They're still on hard vegging terms with the lights at 20/4. I'll keep updates comming, especially when it's time to shed some more ( or atleast when I get the urge ) I'll rather post some shots and wait for my greenie friends to help out..

    Thanks Guys! You Rockin'

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