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Fellow Potheads: What do you do for a living?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Doobius, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. well i don't have a fixed job more odds and ends that i enjoy doing.
    let's see at the mo i'm doing maintenance for my folks at their chalets, fixing things etc. but my real passion is art, medicinal herbs and welding things. oh yeah and power tools, i have an affinity for POWER TOOLS!

    spread the seed!!!!!!!
  2. Landscape design and Maintenance. I am fortunate to own my business although it small its something I totally enjoy. I guess you can pretty much say that I grow grass fpr a living. To bad its the legal kind. LOL

  3. I can't believe you told the truth. With all that pot you smuggle in from there! Damn you have some guts big brother.

    Thats the one good thing about having Poppa as a brother!

    By the way, if you are an airplane pilot, i'm a taxi cab driver.

  4. I'm really a corporate gravedigger! That is, I work for a multi conglomerate company as a semi-mad scientist in health and safety.

  5. well, i've been smoking for about 16yrs and tried being high at work and for me, not a good i now work at our trauma centre/emerg. at the university here in admitting. i smoke everyday, but not at work. there is no way i could be high if a trauma came in. if i messed things up they could die. i've resorted to smokin when i get home. i work 12's so i get alot of days off. i'm not sure what you can do for a living and be high constantly. maybe start your own business. it would have to be something that does'nt require alot of thought process anyways...good luck!
  6. that is so crazy, i do the same thing, I work in an ER in the admitting and I work 12's (7a-7p). I would have to agree on not going to work while stoned, that would be some freaky shit. But I am going to massage therapy school so that I can smoke all day and give massages. I think it will be awesome, the whole point of your job is to relax and help other people relax. Chillin all day long will be the perfect profession for me.
  7. Im a landscaper aka lawn mower jk

    What I really do is make lawyer service very affordable for people, and give them access 24/7. Yup, I got my own lawyer too :D

  8. cool! massage therapy sounds good! i thought about it but i've been goin to school long enough. no thanx! but good luck!!
  9. thanks! I'll need it to get through school.
  10. Roofer. Never get high before work, big time buzz kill in 100+ temps on a roof top
  11. Programmer. Only (used to) smoke for recreation, never at work. Got a family to take care of...
  12. I'm pleasantly retired. I was a telephone service tech and for a long time I got buzzed everyday. Then one day I fell off a pole and decided I didn't want to do that anymore. Now I can get my buzz anytime.
  13. basicly i clean houses ! have been doing cleaning jobs for ever and at the age of 22 had my first buiesness license. had employees at first, decided no one realy did a good job, so i sized down & have been the only employee for 13 years now ,& I LIKE IT!!!!! a little buzz in the mornin, go to work ,kick on some workin toons and go. before i know it its quitin time. what more could you ask for eyhhhh!!! back home again jiggy jig, jig, to take another hit again jiggy, jig, jig.

    good spirits

  14. Looking for a fellow scanner to find my brain. ( ITS MASHED )

  16. i work at a small resturant, i do the cashier stuff, serve food, clean tables, everything cept cook and wash dishes.
  17. Production but I'm trying to get my tech dgree. I go in stoned everyday and have yet to have one problem. Pays darn good too. Everyone that I work with used to be stoners in like the 60's, 70's or 80's they are really cool. Megan
  18. I'm a server/expo/cook/trumpet player...Play my trumpet during the summer with drum corp.
  19. i'm a med student and i work full-time in a lab doing's as boring as it sounds but i'm high 24/7.
    i've also had summer jobs in the past working on a farm. it was great. i got to be outside all day, i could smoke a j while working, i had a panoramic shot of the mountains and i never got bored. right now i'm considering giving up the whole med school thing, moving to the coast to see where life takes me...

    when it comes to ideal jobs for stoners in terms of a solid career, i've always thought teachers had it pretty good. but really, any job you find that's right for you i'm sure can accommodate to your smoking habits.
  20. i work as a server at a sports bar, nothing like being high and watching the red sox win the world series

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