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Fellow Potheads: What do you do for a living?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Doobius, Jul 23, 2002.

  1. Alright, so I'm about to graduate from Rutgers after this fall, and I recently got to thinkin (while high, of course).

    I began thinkin "what the hell can I do for a living that wil allow me to stay constantly high wihtout negotiating my position."

    I'm a major in econ/finance with a minor in HR and at bewildered when wonering what I could do for a living and stay lit.

    So, what do you all do? and has your smokin habit caused many difficulties? Or should I learn to reserve getting lit for the weekends ,.... decisionss decisions.
  2. I'ma pilot for Air Jamacia airlines!
  3. I steel weed from my dad and live off my lunch money ;)
    It's amazing what you can do w/ four dollars a day.
  4. I am a legal secretary/Girl Friday for a local lawyer..... he is really laid back, so my smoking is not a problem.... I am a daily/nightly toker, but cut myself off at 9p.m. every night, in an effort to have a bit of control over my smoking....

    In the USA, you could have a case for fighting a drug test, especially if you have never been arrested for a drug offense, and especially if you have never been arrested for ANYTHING.... check out the ACLU website to get more information on what you can do to prevent having to take a test just to get a job.... :)

    Good luck to you in your job search!

    Mayor LaLa
  5. i teach grade 8. i don't smoke before or during work. but i smoke most of the night. now that i'm on summer break, i'm pretty much out of it all the time. :D
  6. I am a carpenter, I build houses in residentual areas. The contractor i work for smokes so does most of the crew, so me and my buddy norm (electriten) smoke on our brake. If we have nothing to smoke out of, the plumber on our crew comes up with some pretty wicked ass pipes.LoL
  7. I work at a head shop here in town. its a great environment and the best damn job ive had so far

  8. i think most high school teachers smoke weed. Or atleast around here. I go to a little country school too. A few of the teachers come in drunk every now and then.

    Right now i'm watching two 9yr old kids for 9 hours a day 5 days a week. for only $125 a week. but i havn't had to watch them for a while because the kids mother is being a hoe and kept them longer than she should have. But i should be watching them next week and the week after that. It sucks the kids are so anything. But the last few days i watched them i just slept the hole time, well about 5 hours. (they slept 3 of them)
  9. I'm a nurse that works with cancer patients. I got lucky and landed a job working for the VA so I get all the government benefits. I still don't see how I got that job but it can remain one of the unsolved mysteries of the world. The only time weed effected my job was when I was applying. The government does the whole physical and drug testing thing. They even made me run up and down steps and monitored my heart rate and blood pressure. To each their own I guess. LOL. But because of the wonderful product of Clean Flush, I passed my drug test and I've been working as a nurse ever since. I smoke before work but I dont get blinded because its too hard to start IVs if you are laughing all the time.
  10. well since im only 16 i have to settle for washing the damn dishes at a golden corral.... the skankiest food in mid michigan.... but it gets the bags bought
  11. I'm a Blacksmith....if it's made of metal i can make it.....after i've had a couple of bongs of course....Peace out....Sid
  12. yo sid .. just wondering if you make your own pipes and bongs
  13. I am a lawn care specialists. I only smoke after work, but thats around noon so I just make up for lost time.
  14. I fly the mexican airlines all the time.


    Nah, I'm a part time dj, hopin to make it big. Of course, my best sh't doesn't come when i'm sober, so I gotta be high to do my job. Yeah buddy!

    P.S. I'm so high right now
  15. Yeah i've made a brass pipe...a stainless bong, and the "the octo" a pipe with like 4 hoses from it....does the job quite well,steel is so versitile you can recreate most of the glass or clay bongs and pipes if need be....there's a pic of it somewhere in another topic about smoking implaments i think it was a in the picture post or something.......Peace out....Sid
  16. i think it would be bad ass being a blacksmith, probibly hard work though
  17. It can be at times but i can allways rely on coming home and having a few bongs to relax, and a cold beer...mmmmm.....Peace out.....Sid
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  18. i am a college student but my part-time is working at the school's computer lab, i meet a lot of people who smoke that way and best of all...NO DRUG TESTS! w00t!

  19. I won't be going to Jamica this summer,tell me you are kidding!

  20. Did you ever fly into Salt Lake? I used to work on the ramp at the international airport. I might have deiced your plane while high. ;> Now I watch TV for a living.

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