Fellow City bassists, check out my new baby!

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    Just got this in the mail today. It's a 1991 Modulus Quantum. It has a walnut top, alder body, and a purple heart stripe down the middle. It has Lane Poor pickups, and an Aguilar preamp (with a Lane Poor 2x1 preamp buffer).

    I've included a few sound clips and a pic.

    The sound clips are as follows:

    1. Random walking blues
    2. Actual Proof - Herbie Hancock
    3. Latin Groove - Victor Wooten
    4. Chameleon - Herbie Hancock


  2. beautiful fucking bass my friend :hello:
  3. Soundin' great! Liked "Chameleon" the best
  4. added better pics.
  5. So beautiful!

    I play a five string too and they are awsome
  6. That's great. I remember wanting one of those in 1991. I would have picked the 4 string, but just to keep the weight of the bass down.

    How much was it, and where are the pics of your other basses?

    Also, I listened to your clips. Nice jazzy grooves. Chameleon!

  7. That's a mighty fine looking bass there. And nice tunes too, rep to you sir.
  8. dont play it but dats a beatiful thing-a-majig:p
  9. Thanks dudes. I'm lovin it!

    The Modulus was $1699, used. It, and the Warwick to its left, are my only 2 basses. I picked up bass a few years ago, and was fortunate enough to find the Wick used for a steal, so I grabbed it (it was my first bass, excluding a Warwick Streamer STD that I had been borrowing from my friend). Little did I know it'd end up being murder for my hands.

    I bought the Modulus so I'd, first and foremost, have a more comfy instrument to play. It's delivered quite well so far!
  10. What does that mean?
  11. The ergonomics of the bass didn't mesh with my body. It made it extremely difficult (and impossible while standing up) to play with proper, consistent technique, and eventually it lead to some bad habits that were giving me wirst/joint problems.
  12. Very very nice guitar man, im really jealous hahah. I've been meaning to get a new bass for some time now, havent gotten around to saving up the money though haha if only I could get my hands on a Ernie Ball 5 string stingray, now that would be the absolute shit hahah. Either way, very prime purchase man, shes beautiful :smoking:

    EDIT: I love the natural wood finish too, gorgeous haha
  13. Thanks man. I'm a big fan of natural finishes, they just feel....more natural...

    The stingrays are tight. Dunno if you'd go used or not, but I've seen some pics of vintage ones on the net lately and they look pretty badass, but I guess they're hard to find. Either way, old instruments just kick as.
  14. [​IMG]

    There she blows dude. Hahah but seriously, only in my dreams man, only in my dreams, so fucking expensive. But I'm really digging the Quantum man, how much did it run you?
  15. it was $1700 used.

    I'm pretty content, I can't see myself needing a better instrument.

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