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  1. My parents are soon going away for five days on vacation. I plan on having a good time while their away. Here's my question, where do you think is a safe spot to smoke?

    I could smoke on my back deck with some friends but I'd risk having my nosy neighbors smell it/see us/hear us.

    The other place we could smoke is in my basement, however it has carpet, drop ceiling, and big curtains on the window which i would think would absorb alot of the smell, and im not sure how long it would take to completely air out the smell.

    All suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance GC,
  2. Just smoke in your room, blow smoke out window. smell should be completely gone within 24 hours.
  3. Either smoke in your room or in the bathroom. If you want to have a session during one of the first days in the living room or wherever you want, the smell will be long gone before they return.
  4. 5 days man, youll be fine. Just box your room and then open the windows and have a fan blow the smoke out the window
  5. i smoke in my house the smell is always gone by morning. just leave windows open
  6. Whenever I smoke in my room I just leave the window open for a while the smell is completely gone. It'll smell during, but since they're going to be gone it shouldn't be a problem.

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