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Fellow 978 Massholes Out There?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChrisPawBaw, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. If so, hey, why not say hello?

    I'm up here in the North Shore area. You know--if you read the local papers--near where it was reported that a commuter train was full of 30plus individuals were smokin' up..on the train.

    Wish I was there.

  2. Woosta all day. its 508 but i was 508 before it changed to 978 too.
  3. Oops on that. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. Well, all right. Hello to you.
    Woosta, eh? Fine city.
    Myself, I am holdin' it up closer to Glawstah & Peebawdy!
    Nice to meet ya!
  5. ahahahah

    That was on the way to the freedom fest in Boston, people were taking hits off there bowls.

    I was in one of the carriages that people were smoking in. Pretty fucking stupid in my opinion, and it was definitely nowhere near 30 people, maybe 4 or 5.

    The whole cabins reeked though so I dont see why they wouldnt just assume every single individual was smoking...
  6. Thanks, BWood.
    The truth comes out!
    Sort of suspected that exaggeration might have played a role in that story. Huh.
    And, yeah, now that you mention it, that probably wasn't the smartest thing to do. Although, let's face it, this might not have been the answer, but public transportation is in definite need of some means. :)
    Again, thanks for the reply, mang! CPB
  7. Cheers!
    Can't believe that I have forgotten this, but is 508 south shore, mostly.
    Know 617, 781, and me own 978...actually, now that I think of it, think that I used to be 508, before conversion to 978.

    Wow, can not believe that I have typed that much about numbers.

    I hope that no one out there was accidentally put into a coma.

  8. yeah, south shore. im from the bridgewater/brockton area, but im in framingham now.
  9. So, how long have y'all been on Grasscity?
    Any tips, hints, or suggestions for us newbees?
  10. 978 here. Right below Nashua.
  11. Im over here in Gardner hey!:wave:
  12. Gardner's out by Fitchburg, right? Cool. Like a lot of North Shore folk, I am pretty ignorant when it comes to anything west of Fitchburg. Just a hazy idea of what's out there. Sure it's gorgeous, in fact, Milady and I have been planning to really travel around out there, for a long time, but haven't gotten to it yet.
    I'm sure I will feel like early ground-breaking explorers did. Pretty damn sure that the world is round, but with a niggling feeling in the back of your mind that you might just fall of the edge of the earth. Yep, the Suburbs have softened me.
    Any recommendations as to where to hit out there?
  13. western mass is a myth i think. I dont think it really exists.
  14. Also in the 978, I like it here quite a bit, and the weed couldn't be better for me :).
  15. Cool. Not really that far from me.
    Thanks for sayin' "hi."
    Still getting the hang of this site, the boards, etc. Hell, for some reason, I'm having difficulty just with my profile pic/avatar.
    Any suggestions on people to connect with in that particular area? Any help would be appreciated.
    Oh, btw, someone once told me that--way-back-when--Nashua was actually named "Nashville" too. Any truth to that? If so, pretty cool.
  16. i now live right near where that twinkie factory was in Natick (the one in that family guy episode)

    its not there anymore though =/

  17. i grew up there
  18. :laughing: ^THIS

    In all my years on living in MA, I've not once seen or talked to anybody from Western MA. It's kinda sketchy if I think about it. :eek:

    I just moved out of the 978 (I lived in Sudbury) to the 508 (Marlborough) a couple weeks ago.

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