Fell Down The Trash Chute

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SupremeToke, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. I live on the sixth floor in a really cool condo complex. So I was throwing away my trash, and I had to throw around 3 fat bags of garbage down the chute. The chute was just implemented, so it actually looked pretty clean.

    After throwing my trash down, I decided to act a fool and do some weird shit. I put my head through the trash chute and tried looking up to see if I could see anything. At first it was dark, but then I saw a small spec of light at the top.

    What basically happened is someone opened the door to the trash chute probably around 4 floors up and threw a cardboard box down. It fucking hit my in the face, surprisingly it didn't hurt! I don't know what the fuck happened at this point because I was blazed out of my mind, but I was really scared.

    My whole torso what pretty much engulfed in the trash chute doorway now, from sheer panic. My belly was like pressing up against the doorway of the chute itself, and I hunched and tried to get back out but it only made this stupid situation worse.

    So now my whole body was in a shape of a V, the only thing sticking out of the chute's doorway was my ankles and feet lol...so I was like fuck it im going down this thing all the way to the fucking bottom!

    I didn't just fall straight down, I was able to push against the walls and ease my way down. The only thing I was fucking scared of was trash being thrown down since the highest floor was 17 floors. I couldn't prolly been fucked up pretty hard, but I was all the way at the bottom in the dumpster.

    So now im gonna take a shower.
  2. Damn dude, I'd be glad the shit someone threw down on you wasn't like a box of bathroom tiles or something.

    Cool experience though, you know your building a little more at least.
  3. OP now knows the escape plan if the feds ever raid his ass
  4. Actually a very cool story.
  5. Great story if its true
  6. Sounds like an adventure.

    At least you've got an escape route if you're a secret agent or some shit and assassins come looking for you
  7. Next you just gotta jump now it, not ease yourself.
  8. LOOOOOLLLLL i lold
  9. pics or its a bogus post OP
  10. Now thats so funny shit.
  11. lol fuck u all i need to know is that it happened, and im never forgetting this complex
  12. At least you got a cool story from it and weren't hurt.
  13. Good thing you didn't get stuck.

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