Felix's First No-Till Grow!

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    Hello fellow cultivators and weed nerds! Welcome to my first No-Till Grow. As soon as I heard of the concept, I was instantly hooked. Take care and nurture your soil, and it will take care of your plants. I know this isn't the perfect setup but we all have to start somewhere and there's no better way to gain experience and knowledge than getting your hands dirty, literally!

    5x5x7 Grow Tent
    2 6" Inline Fans(1 Intake, 1 Outake)
    1 Phresh Carbon Filter
    4 20 Gal. Fabric Pots
    1 7 Gal. Fabric Pot
    My soil recipe is the same from buildasoil.com
    1 8 bulb T5 Lamp
    R.O. Water

    3 Agent Orange - T.G.A. Genetics
    2 Jack Herer(Fem.)- BCBD Genetics
    24 hour soak in plain R.O. Water
    24 hour soak in paper towel
    We've got some babies!
    Quite Possibly my favorite addition to the entire grow. These are from 'Uncle Jim's Worm Farm'. The key to the whole process. These guys will give back so many nutrients to the soil.
    Transplanted my favorite ones into slightly less than 1 Gal pots. Will remain in here until I can determine sex before planting in the 20 Gal.
    IMG_20170515_023953_460.jpg Agent Orange is on overdrive!

    IMG_20170520_193621_590.jpg IMG_20170607_145659_354.jpg
    Unfortunately I found 2 males of Agent Orange and had to cut them down :(. Oh well, we have 2 Jack Herer(Fem) still!
    IMG_20170610_203412_333.jpg IMG_20170610_203412_334.jpg
    Gotta be careful when you supercrop, don't go to hard haha. She will recover just fine.

    Starting to adjust to the 20 Gal. pot just fine!
    A friend came up with this genius idea to hang a fan with just spare materials we had laying around. Ratchet straps ftw.
    Jack Herer(Fem) becoming a bush slowly but surely.
    Wish I could hang another T5 light in here. the girls would more than appreciate it.
    20170629_191514.jpg 20170629_191609.jpg
    This is the girls Status as of today. I did some defoliating yesterday. The tiny 7 gallon is a Jack Herer(Fem.) I couldn't stand to kill her so I put her in a 7 Gal pot and I'm going let it stretch a little to catch up. Overall I'm impressed with how the grow has gone so far. Eventually I will be putting a S.C.R.O.G. on top to maximize my space and hanging 2 L.E.D. lights for flowering. I keep super-cropping and tying down branches to bush out the plant to fill the screen.

    Also the lights have been raised for pictures sake...

    So thoughts, comments, and constructive thoughts may be thrown my way weed nerds!​
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  2. Looks good bro

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  3. Thanks! I can't wait to see what these flowers will look like.
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  4. Nice man! Looks like your set up is on point! How old where the males when they showed their sex? Looked young still? Anyway, happy growing!
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  5. I appreciate that. I've spent hours and hours of research and hard work just to accomplish this little bit.

    I believe the males were just about over a month before they showed. I was busy and couldn't check the garden for 36 hours and opened it up to see balls everywhere on 2 of my babies lol
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  6. IMG_20170610_203549_672.jpg IMG_20170610_203549_664.jpg
    I noticed I mentioned this simple set up but forgot to post it. The last grow having a fan on the floor took too much room.
  7. So what's the verdict on compost teas versus top dressing? I've heard top dressing is just as good?
  8. Better and less work.
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  9. Perfect thanks! I hated listening to the pump for a whole day anyway lol
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  10. scrog.jpg scrog2.jpg
    Scrog is officially in place. Trying to install it myself was a pain in the ass! The weaving process begins. Soon I will have a table of ganja. I decided to top dress with kelp meal a couple of days ago, plants seem happy, I'm happy.

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  11. Awesome grow you have running. I respect the art
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  12. Thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated. Ganja used to be a hobby, now it's a passion that won't stop. Best form of art.
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  13. Big pots...my project is to make enough Coots mix to fill this baby lol.
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  14. Ooooohhh man I'm jealous! I've always wanted a raised bed like that. Get a couple more and watch your room explode!
  15. clone.jpg

    Trying my first attempt at some clones. Just took 4 clippings from the biggest Agent Orange plant. Just trying to experiment using little as possible. So no cloning solution just plain old soil and water. If these don't survive I still have a few more weeks before I flip to flower to take more.

    3 leaf.jpg
    Found this beauty near the top of the canopy. I love when plants have different leaf structures.
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  16. Cool follow along,
    I just mixed a whole bunch of soul round a month ago, sitting in bins out back for another month, not sure if I should do no till or just regular old organic with a sip set up
    Anyway, I am subbed and look forward to ur updates

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  17. 20170720_130959.jpg 20170719_111225.jpg

    Been a while since I last updated. Veg stage is just the 'boring' stuff haha. I'ma little worried about running out of room. Thoughts?
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  18. I need a small dehumidifier for my 5x5 tent. Any suggestions?
  19. What's your RH in there? Do you have airflow?
  20. Around 66 to 70 on some days. I have an oscillating fan and 2 clip on fans. Intake and outake fans

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