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  1. Hey GC, I'm having a rough day so I am going to vent.

    My mother raised me as well as she could have. She always stressed not to lie, cheat or steal because she has a brother who was in and out of jail for a lot of his life for stealing.

    But I am my own person, and some things are out of my mothers control. I used to work in a detail shop and I did some pretty scummy things - over the course of a year of working there, I jacked three iPods from cars; two nano's and one classic. They were in spots that the owner of the car never new that were there, which is why I took them. I don't believe in karma, but if karma is real then I definitely fucked myself. I wish I knew whose iPod I was still using, because I would honestly give it back. It's something I think about every time I use my iPod and it's a really shitty feeling, but I deserve it.

    About a month ago at school I was walking to my car to have a cig. On the walk back, I saw a purse in an empty parking spot. I picked it up and dropped it off to the lost and found without even opening it to see how much money was in there or whatever else was in there. It's funny, because there is a thread floating around on GC called "what would you do if you found a wallet with 500 bucks?" and my response (two or three years ago; I definitely wouldn't have responded like this now) was "take the money. I have my own problems." I realized that while I might have my own problems, this person is having more problems than I, which is why I dropped it off. Not to mention I am trying to change my ways to be a better person.

    Today at school, I lost my wallet. It must have fallen out of the car when I got out, because I had it in my lap. It was in my lap because I had gone to dunkin donuts to get a donut and never put it in my back pocket. My wallet had 230 cash. It was money that I was going to deposit RIGHT after school. Went to the lost and found and no one had dropped it off. *********** I thought it was gone...

    *********** Right as I was typing were the astricks are, I got a phone call from my college PD and somebody had turned the wallet in, with all the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!! Maybe karma is real after all. All I know for sure is that I will be doing everything I can to promote positive karma, towards my direction and everybody else's.

    Take it breezy, GC and have a beautiful day :cool:
  2. How does getting your wallet returned with full cash feel bad man?
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    i say..invest in a purse.
  4. Good shit, man.

    Feels good man? You got the money back. I know that feel and it's definitely not bad.
  5. Karma is real my brother. Do good and good will happen.
  6. I don't know about Karma, but there are good people in this world. If I found a wallet or purse, I'd turn it in. No questions asked. If it was somewhere that didn't have a lost and found, I'd go through it only to try and find contact information (IDs are pretty good for that, cell phones too, all you have to do is find a number that says home, or mom, or something like that).

    Sure it might benefit me in the short term to take someone else's money. But I don't think I'd be able to live with myself if I did that. What do you have if you don't have integrity? I always want to be able to say that I got it honest.
  7. I have stolen before, definitely a regret of mine also. I think in general if you aren't a scumbag your guilt from after these events cause you to be a better person and avoid screwing people's days up.

    Regardless of karma's legitimacy, everyone should strive to make themselves a better person and avoid the temptations and evil nature within humans that money brings out every day.
  8. cus karma pretty much ignored him

  9. I would have cleared this up, but I was in a rush earlier. As I was typing up this thread in rant mode, I got a call from the school's police department saying that somebody had turned the wallet in, all cash and everything inside

    this experience has definitely enlightened me and has encouraged me even more to keep doing good. I wrote this thread in hopes of people doing the same thing; returning a wallet or purse or anything valuable to the owner, if in any way, shape or form possible. It's an extremely shitty feeling to assume that somebody took your wallet that you lost. I was down in the dumps, talking to my mom and everything. And then I got this phone call and my day went from shitty to instant awesome, bipolar style. I wish the person had returned it to me personally though so I could have given them something for doing what they did.
  10. So you didn't take the 500 and kept your 230...

    Looks like karma wasn't so nice after all.

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