Feeling uneasy about my second job

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  1. A friend of mine has a sister that just opened up a boutique that sells shoes, handbags, perfume, jewelery and accessories the owner/boss (her sister) lives an hour away and i live 15 min away so she has me opening the shop and managing things my concern is what if her shop doesn't bring in many sells....and i don't know how much I'll be getting paid yet the grand opening is 3 days from now how much should i request my salary be?
  2. I would ask for like 10 an hour.

    Your not doing much and that way your guaranteed to make money everyday and not be shit out of luck if the shop doesn't attract costumers.
  3. depending on your experience and age i would ask for 15-20 /hr

  4. Lmao good luck.
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    what the fuck? really?

    i'd say 10.00/hr at the very least. you have two jobs. and as we all know it's very hard to get a job in the first place

    after actively pursuing work for over five months (NJ), the best job opportunity i ended up with was lot attendant at home depot for 8.35/hr with a bunch of sad old men who got laid off their previous jobs. some even have serious degrees in various fields, and now are making 10-12/hr doing shit work. the economy is pretty awful. my last job was under the table for 10/hr doing landscaping for a woman who couldn't even go out into her yard

    i'm going to start searching for a second job soon. home depot only gives me 16 hours a week max, despite the fact that i have 35+ hours available in a week. i'm going to university full time but my goal is to save up as much money as possible while i'm still living with my parents

    right now i'm incredibly privileged (not to say many, many other young americans aren't however). despite living in a 1950s house, my parents make pretty decent income and are able to provide me with a place to live, food on the table, internet, electricity, running water, car insurance, phone bill paid, college tuition, etc. so i see having my parents support until i get a college degree as the ultimate opportunity to save up money for the future
  6. 15-20 would be amazing for a small business in America lol.
  7. Out of curiosity, what is the minimum wage in America?

    Here minimum wage for over 16y is $13.75 NZD
  8. Theres a federal minimum wage it hink of like 6-7/hr and then most states also have one. Were i live its like 8.95 i think.....not a 100% on those numbers havent worked 4 minimum wage in awhile
  9. min wage in my area is 7.25 dollars and you'd be lucky to make more than 8.00 doing any standard retail store job here
  10. Minimum wage if you work a tip job is like $2.89/hr in RI, but at the end of an 8 hr shift I usually bring in 100 in tips alone.

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